About Tier V Extension Benefits .. Will There Be Another Federal Unemployment Extension?

by Annie

About Tier V Extension Benefits .. Will There Be Another Federal Unemployment Extension?

What's going to happen when Tier V benefits expires, I'm on Tier IV?

Hi Annie,

Sorry about the liberty with your title. But I'd like to draw as much attention to this as possible.

I don't know anything about extensions or tiers Annie .. want to be an in depth field reporter on Tier V Extension benefits?

Or like me, you can all just wait for NELP to Mobilize the unemployed into some kind of proactive behavior so they can all continue to collect long term unemployment benefits when they resume sending out newsletters again for their lobbying efforts to pass another extension.

Personally, I've yet to see any reasonable logic coming out of any type of organization in close proximity to Washington DC.

I say take all that money and start giving grants to the unemployed to start business to compete on a global basis with the current corporate America .. as long as the new business start paying income tax.

How do you pay debt? I do it by creating income.


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Mar 01, 2014
You wear me out more than those you call lazy.
by: Chris - Unemployment-tips.com

I can only think of one thing to say to simple minded idiots who think the whole problem of unprecedented recession and unemployed people can be generalized by calling everyone without a job, lazy asses.

Shut up!

That you mention an unemployed person only gets out of bed at 3pm could lead me to believe, you speak from experience, or at least know someone that might be one of those lazy asses.

But I know for a fact, you cannot speak with authority by simply hanging a sign on everyone who is unemployed as being lazy.

That would make you just another ignorant dumb ass without nothing positive to offer even if your message is warranted for that person you referred to.

And by the way, you made your dumb ass comment on something written in 2011 when congress first started reducing the number of unempl0oyed collecting Federal EUC by not renewing extended benefits.

Chris H.

Mar 01, 2014
get off your ass and get a job
by: Anonymous

Get a new job there are plenty of job out there people are lazy in general why work when the govt. Will take care of you your old job is history.
You can't get a job when you don't get out of bed till 3 in the afternoon then complain to all of us that you can't find a job.

Jan 29, 2014
Trying to make it
by: Anonymous

Why would you do this?

Some of us don't have anything, but this little bit of money when you go all over the world and you can't, or won't take of your own?

Why is that you can't pay the bills or buy food .

I wonder if any of you can come out of your easy zone for 1 week to see who can live off of this.

Maybe you'd like to trade places with some of us :)

Sep 06, 2011
Amen Chris!
by: April

I just had to comment about the extensions....I am currently on my 2nd extension...and the scary thing is I look and apply to jobs on a weekly basis to continue to be able to get my unemployment benefits... but for those of us that are on the unemployment line....NO NEW JOBS WERE CREATED IN AUGUST!!!! NONE! So it is apparently up to us individuals to figure out what we are going to do before our benefits run out! Period! If we wait for the government to figure it out....we might be waiting for hell to freeze over and we all know that isn't going to happen anytime soon... we must figure out that we have to be proactive. Figure out a business that you could start from home...Or something that can be done to create an income once the unemployment runs out!
If the government isn't going to push for new jobs being created....then we must do it ourselves! Power to the people! We are the ones that voted these nincompoops into power...take an incentive to get them to work for us and not for themselves...as I see the powers that be are just lining their own pockets and working on their own agenda's!

So I hope the best for you and all of us seeking employment and getting close to running out of benefits...we are not done with this recession by any means....we got a long haul ahead of us! Good Luck!

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