by Heather

My unemployment appeal decision stated i am "affirmed." what does that mean?

This means that whatever the initial determination said is affirmed by the hearing decision or in other words the hearing officer agreed with the initial determination.

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Oct 10, 2014
C'mon focus on the problem at hand.and tell me what state this happened in
by: Chris

What do you mean they didn't notify you of the new hearing? How, why weren't you notified?

Have you appealed the any new unfavorable hearing decision based on the fact you weren't properly notified of the new hearing? .. This is basically what the employer did to get the decision that allowed benefits vacated and remanded back down for a new (de novo) first level hearing.

The employer no showed. Excuse me, but big deal if they know how to get a case reopened.

They must of had a good reason for the non-appearance which would of been an issue listed on most "new" hearing notices.

The board of review must of issued an order that likely vacated the first hearing decision and remanded the matter (your case) back down for a brand new first level hearing as if the first one never took place.


Oct 10, 2014
heiher authority
by: Anonymous

I won my case and then started to receive benefits and then they took it away from me, apparently the employer filed an appeal, I don't understand why after all they were a no show at the first hearing.

Anyway they scheduled another hearing, but didn't notify me and the judge remanded the decision and took away my benefits . they I filed an appeal to the higher authority and they reviewed it and remanded the decision. so what does that mean?

Oct 06, 2013
Face my accusor
by: Anonymous

I was told that it was because I didn't attend the first hearing. The second hearing, they were not present but the judge said it was ok. That's not fair because there should have been interaction. I tried to explain, was berated by the judge n told to say say yes or no without anything else. Yes or no did not always spply

What was the issue on the hearing notice for the second hearing .. Non Appearance?

Personally, I am of the mind if you really want things to be fair, you have a responsibility to meet fairness half way and pay attention to what will be discussed at the hearing and prepare for it.

May 31, 2012
What does a reversed decision mean?
by: Anonymous

What does it mean when the hearing decision is reversed?

Well, it's fairly self explanatory .. a reversal by means the higher authority has decided they believe the lower authority making the last determination or decision regarding the issue cited .. was wrong.

So the higher authority is correcting the error or mistake by reversing.

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