How do I talk to a live unemployment agent on the phone in New Jersey?

by Debby Errigo
(Pennsauken, NJ. )

I have been trying to apply for un-employment insurance for 2 weeks now. Spending many hours on the phone only to hear all lines are busy and then I am disconnected. I have tried to apply on line but because I have had a claim last year they will not recognize my user ID and pass word and direct me to call which has been a dead end. I am trying to collect partial un-employment since I have been cut down to 2 days a week from the normal 5 days a week. Your help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks, Debby

Sorry Debby,

This is not a question I have an answer for, but just questions to make sure you still have a valid ID and password.

What are the dates of your existing benefit year?

Are you certain your first claim has not expired?

As far as getting a live person on the phone .. if you do have an existing and valid claim .. maybe some kind soul also from NJ has a trick or technique to share about contacting them and will post a comment.

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Talk to a live person
by: Anonymous

I've been out of work on and off since 2006 and I have NEVER gotten a live person on the phone number given. The only way that I've found in the past to actually get someone on the phone is to pick the name of some big gun down in Trenton, call that number and then pretend it was a mistake, usually I get switched over to someone who can actually do me some good right on the spot. Now I haven't had to do this for sometime now, not because I am gainfully employed but because I'm not longer able to collect and the great thing about that is that I don't get counted as UNEMPLOYED so it helps the state's numbers stay low and keeps us from getting any help.

frustrated too
by: jim d

I have the same problem. Have been trying to reactivate my claim after three weeks plus where, due to honesty, I declined benefits due to temporary non-availability.
I had already spoken to one of their agents on August 12th and left that conversation convinced that NJ would have no problem renewing my claim after August 19th.
This week, I started trying to recollect my benefits on the web on Monday, Labor Day holiday. At that point, I was told on the internet connection that I would have to talk to another agent before they could process my claim.
Starting on Tuesday, I have been making constant calls to the published phone numbers, and have experienced the same treatment time and time again. To wit, the message is: "due to high volume of calls waiting, we are cannot take your call at this time.." The message goes on to say that I should use the internet, the very method that just told me that I cannot process my claim until I talk to a live agent.
Just an unbelievable runaround. What worries me is that you only have ten days to call back and get your claim going. At this rate, I won't get it in before the New Year.


I can't really offer anyone .. in any state, a resolution to this problem except maybe to contact the New Jersey AG's office and complain.

I read the same from residents of other states as well.

Maybe if it becomes known how much of an issue it is .. an AG's office, the one that is responsible for complying with federal laws and guidelines might take action to resolve the problem on an individual basis.

Cant file for a claim
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to contact a claims agent and im not getting anything back in return but a dead line please help!!!!

Sorry, I'm unclear why you think anyone here can help you with what is clearly a technical problem at the NJ unemployment office.

Can anyone reading this help Anonymous if they've had this issue with NJ and managed to resolve the problem?


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