how do i word my appeal letter

I was denied my unemployment because they said I voluntarily resigned from my job for personal reasons, my reason was they drop my full-time to part-time hours not promising a 20 hour work week while I was out of work for a couple of on dr's notice when I got back to work that's when I was hit the news one supervisor did not want to talk to me I just vdidn't undersd what was going on the other supervisor couldn't promise me 20 hours all of a sudden it immediately took my benefits for me and my son i went to human resource to I tried to get an answer of whatv was going on because I was confused the I asked her why was I dropped from full to part-time she said I was asked to come in on my day off the same day I went to the hospital and I didn't and she also said that it just wasn't a fit for me and I asked is that what was said and can I get a copy of why I was dropped she would not give me a copy. My question is how do I word this in my appeal

You don't try to explain what you don't understand .. that's for sure.

I have addressed how I would word an appeal if I had no information to go on or intimate knowledge of what happened .. and I don't.

Try using the search bar (look to your upper right) and type in ..

Sample letter of appeal for unemployment.

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