If my employer didn't show up for the unemployment appeal hearing will I win?

by Ava
(san diego, ca)

Hi there,

I just had my appeal court today and my employer didnt show up but they wrote a letter. do i automatically win because the judge still asked me questions. Also, I didnt ask any questions I just answered the judges questions with honest answers is that good?

Hi Ava,

No, you won't automatically win the hearing.

But the advantage of the employer not showing up in person, is that a written statement in lieu of testimony is given more weight than a written statement and the employer couldn't rebut anything you testified about. So the advantage was definitely yours.

But your testimony still matters. The claimant or "the unemployed person" may still give self disqualifying testimony.

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Jun 04, 2010
Employer did not show up
by: Anonymous

I just had a hearing yesterday and my employer did not show up. I gave my testimony and submitted a statement of all the events that had taken place. Will my employers see these statements? Right after the hearing my employer tried to contact me as well.


They will see the documents if they manage to get a rehearing and you submit them again.

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