not being a good fit anymore

by Monty

I was taken in the office and I was told by the boss that he is sorry to do this but he is going to have to let me go because I am just not a good fit anymore. He did not explain what not a good fit anymore means.

Okay Monty, I'm going to tell you why that makes me nervous. First, you told me that they "told you". I'd rather hear that they handed you a copy of a termination notice that said that too.

The reason being, that a manager acting as the "employer's agent" sometimes .. is often very uncomfortable firing someone, so they may "soften" it for your benefit.

Then, the next thing you know .. the unemployment department is telling you that the employer told them you were fired for "poor performance".

Some states require that the employer provide you with a letter or notice which includes the exact reason.

But on the other hand .. I use to coach employers who used this term on paper to never do it, unless they were okay with paying unemployment .. because it is not misconduct .. the term "not a good fit" inherently implies inability or a hiring mistake made by the employer.

So ask the employer if they will please provide you with a letter stating the exact reason for termination.

Beyond this, I would have to start asking you about former write-ups and the like ..

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Nov 15, 2013
Told I wasn't a good fit
by: Anonymous

I was called by my employer and he stated that he hated to do this over the phone but that after Joanie (his wife who I did not work for), himself and Tina his second in command had talked, they decided I was not a good fit for the job.

He thought I had given it my best try but I just wasn't a good fit. I asked him if I just wasn't good enough at the job and he said he didn't want to get into it right now, but to call him in a month and then we could talk. I am still in shock that he would not tell me what about my work performance wasn't a fit.

All I have to say is that employers are told repeatedly, that using the term not a good fit doesn't imply work misconduct, which generally speaking, should be specific.

But because most all employment in the United States is at will, and only Montana says good cause for termination is supposed to exist .. the employer is free to terminate your employment for any reason they choose.

In case he fights your benefits with some specific reason he couldn't be bother to make you aware of so you might affect a change .. you can always let me know and ask another question.


Aug 31, 2011
Companies pretending to have jobs that are really temporary to get good dedication short term.
by: Been there done that and got the T-Shirt

Today it seems some companies are playing games and using a revolving door method in hiring. I wondered why the company I agreed to work for 100 days ago had empty desks at the beginning of each month and then constantly training people for ten days. They get the employee all excited and working hard and then let them go saying they are "not a good fit". Yes this happens more and more as temp agencies are way too expensive for them for short term and benefits would begin about 101 days later. It has happened to me twice this year but fortunately for me, I was graceful when "let go". No one handed me or asked me to sign anything. I was a good worker. I am glad to be gone because my job was to stamp photographs that were provided to the FDIC for a "Receiver Broker" and I was uncomfortable knowing that what they were doing was illegal. And asked about the last girl and they said the last girl asked the same questions and they would just give a response "that person no longer works for Emcon. The girl before me on that job was the same time frame as me and gone. The one they just hired will never get the same. And just in time for not getting holiday pay too. I missed my 1st holiday pay.

Dec 07, 2010
company holiday party with booze
by: Anonymous

I got drunk at teh company holiday party and while exiting the restaurant got into a shuffle with a rude woman, who proceeded to beat me up. When I returned to work on Monday I was fired. The statement was: at this time it is in the firm's best interest to separate the rel;ationship. Until that day, I was a stellar employee and had been given progressively more duties. I have no excuse for the drunken idiocy but even my supervisor was upset that i was let go. Can I file for unemployment?


Yes, you can file and there might even be some states that will give you benefits because the misconduct wasn't actually "job" related.

Additionally, I'm wondering who paid for your alcoholic drinks.

This also brings up something I think everyone should be aware of and in fact, this is the type of thing that would make me side with an employer regardless of unemployment benefits because I can see the potential harm to the employer if they were buying the drinks.

What if the little "shuffle" with a "RUDE WOMAN" disgusted by whatever level of drunkenness you were at was the the one who got beat up or even cried wolf about some minor injury or damage to personal property?

Was there potential for harm to the employer's interests?


And in fact, I, personally could have very well of been that "rude woman".

My advice .. to all is when attending employer sponsored social function .. DO NOT demonstrate your tendencies of being a stupid ass.

And please don't try to tell me you/we aren't aware of when we have a tendency to be a stupid ass.

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