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Unemployment Appeal Letter to Dispute a Disqualification

If you recently completed the initial unemployment claim process in most states, but thought it best to first find out how write an unemployment appeal letter that disagrees with an initial claim determination denying unemployment benefits .. congratulations because it's not unknown to companies that represent employers interests at the ensuing unemployment hearings (often conducted by phone) that a lot of people have compounded the problem with getting a reversal or modification of the initial findings with an appeal letter that can be adequately described as self disqualifying. 

A basic tip for what to do after you send the letter requesting a lower level unemployment appeal hearing, is it's now time to get busy and focus on preparing your case in support of the argument you researched to be your best way to prove, or rebut the burden of proof for the issue that caused YOUR denial of unemployment benefits.

Writing this appeal letter for a denial of unemployment, should not be what causes any harm to your case as the written arguments they often become, often do .. to the point it can be the appeal letter that prevents you from winning the unemployment hearing you requested where and when you can more fully explain the quasi-legal justification for disagreeing with an erroneous initial claim determination.

Some may even benefit from being coached, to represent themselves and the merits for an appeal better, not to menting being prepped to know better what it means to argue, and be prepared for the procedural type contingencies that can happen during hearings.

For these, and other reasons I have been referring people  to professional UI hearing representatives for unemployment hearing coaching,  and  full hearing representation, if your appeal is in a state found on this list.

A K.I.S.S. Unemployment Appeal Letter?  Yes, Keep it Simple Stupid

Here's the sample appeal letter for an unemployment disqualification.  An appeal must be timely, or if late you will need to know how best to address an additional issue requiring you to explain the facts, to be accepted as good cause for an untimely appeal.  

Fax an unemployment appeal when possible and then save the successful transmittal as evidence of timeliness .. in case you need it later.  

If you must mail your appeal, but do not receive an acknowledgement your appeal was received in a timely manner that also confirms a hearing will be docketed .. do not wait months to follow up with the department to finally wonder what happened to your appeal .. or now your right to appeal .. that does have an expiration date.

My intent .. show you what I mean by a K.I.S.S. format for an unemployment appeal letter.

It gets the job of disagreeing done for me who once had to read some painful claimant appeal letters that read more like novellas from the workplace horror genre.

I swear .. I don't understand this involuntary tendency to add a plethora of details in a written document and at a time when the concern isn't just your truth, but how to tell the truth EFFECTIVELY.

My point .. what you put into your appeal letter is also submitted into the record of the lower level unemployment hearing where facts are established .. for any further and higher appeal authority .. a board of review.

Sample Appeal Letter For Unemployment Benefits

To Whom it May Concern,                                                                                                                                                             Date ...

I, (insert your name) wish to appeal the initial determination denying unemployment benefits under (insert section of law cited in the denial).  

The reason for my appeal to the determination, mailed on (insert mail date of determination) is that I disagree and believe it to be in error.

Please allow this letter to serve as my request for an unemployment appeal hearing so I may be afforded my right to have an opportunity to have the facts of my case fully explored.

Once all the relevant facts are known,  it should become clear as to why I quit with good cause (or alternatively, was fired for something other than misconduct).

(Sidenote:  You may want to request a copy of your state claim file in the appeal letter .. because the questions now are whether the employer might of told the state something to alter how you need to prepare your argument.  But then again the burden and the argument often became the point of discussion in questions about the unemployment appeal process ).  

Thank You,

Chris - Unemployment Tips

last four digits of SSN

# to identify the claim

Your Phone #

Your current and correct address

And just think .. my sample appeal letter for a claimant might be longer than those written by unemployment attorneys and non-attorney UI professionals.

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