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Can I receive unemployment if I have lost all means of transportation?

by Tom

Both of my vehicles were hit and run at my residence about a month and a half ago. I recently got one back repaired, and it got stolen less than a week later. I have exhausted my resources for getting to work already the last 45 days and I have no others viable ways to get to work starting next week. I am at the very least a month from getting my first vehicle back because it was near totaled and an ongoing insurance dispute. Public transportation is also not an option due to the shift I work and it being unavailable where I live.

Will I qualify for unemployment when my employer essentially has no choice to lay me off because I cannot show up because of my situation?

Hi Tom,

I'd take it a step further, I'd talk to the employer and ask if anyone might help you find a co-worker or a supervisor to give you a ride. If that doesn't work .. request a personal leave of absence .. do you have any accrued vacation time? It's an emergency Tom .. I'd feel better for you if you try harder.

Because it is a given that if we work .. getting to work is our responsibility.

The employer won't be laying you off .. the employer will fire you for attendance issues .. so you need to be concerned that you can show how serious your car problems were and that you made an effort.

If you can't prove you at least made some effort to "preserve the employment" .. you will be sunk .. both ways.

Read the determination guide for both quitting due to transportation problems and a discharge for attendance problems.

Particularly find out what it says about quitting for transportation problems. If they have a way to quit .. then it might follow that if you could have quit .. a discharge would not be for good cause.

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