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Please see the list of frequently asked and answered questions, before emailing your question about unemployment benefits using the form at the bottom of this page. 

I really did work hard to offer all that free general advice.  But since I also know UI can work better when specificity of the details is known,  you to should know what may be unique, to your own ability to collect.

So, I offer case referrals is state rules make that a possibility for me, a non-attorney to do.

There is an undeniable statistical advantage for those who rely on the skills and knowledge of a professional  hearing representative at an unemployment hearing, when your case is arguable and therefore winnable, from either perspective of the burden that must be proven, or effectively rebutted.

If you can't afford a hearing rep, who knows how to manage all the moving parts of presenting a case in it's best light, at a lower level hearing, you may want to consider coaching with a hearing rep, so at least, you can know better how to  prove, or rebut the issue of UI law, affecting your unemployment claim.

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