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I've answered over three thousand FAQs about collecting benefits, over the years since 2008, regardless if the issue with unemployment benefits was in my estimation a monetary, separation eligibility, or conditional eligibility issue that often stops otherwise eligible people from continuing to collect. 

The point of answering individual's questions, was to point out there are relatively few issues a claimant needs to be concerned with, but that the set of facts one individual has to work can vary the outcome on the merits found after an unemployment appeal hearing .. aka the only full fact finder in the unemployment process.

Still have a question?  Then email me,  Chris -  knowing I still do my best to respond as promptly as humanly possible and if I send you my phone number, know it's for the benefit of not aggravating my carpal tunnel, more than humanly necessary.

If you want to speak to a professional and highly qualified unemployment hearing representative about the possiblity of being represented at an unemployment hearing .. then click the link to learn what their average flat fee might be .. because I receive a finder's fee when/if you decide to engage their services.

Chris -

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