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Although I know most people what free advice about unemployment insurance benefits, a free question either makes it possible for me to define what I think the problem may be, or it doesn't. 

In the hopes you will be able to determine how to think about an eligibility issue with your benefits, I offer all that is still free on Unemployment Tips .. including the many free FAQs

If you still don't understand how unemployment eligibility should, or won't work in your case, here's the general email contact form where you can provide some details about why you quit, or were fired, or another issue, you may also find mentioned below in a Q&A.

If you end up understand another point I attempt to make .. that most unemployed employees, simply aren't ready to represent themselves at lower level hearings, anymore than say .. some of the employers I used to coordinate hearing for, to include hiring a professional UI hearing rep to make the argument about fault at an appeal hearing for them, then you may be interested in the service I offer.   A Referral to a Professional Unemployment Hearing Representative.

(Referrals are limited to just 28 states, because I know many state unemployment rules  .. especially those regarding when you can only pay an unemployment lawyer .. or an "other representative" for being represented.

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