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Don't ignore the many FAQs that have appeared on the  Unemployment Benefits Blog over the years since 2008.  I had the idea that explaining what might be basic to proving, or rebutting the burden of proof of the moving party it might improve the questions I'm also receive by email.

Okay, now that you and I know it's always an issue used by the unemployment department to allow, deny, or stop paying benefit, go ahead an click here to contact Chris at  

I do my best to respond to emails I receive, as quickly as my old fingers and retired mind, will allow. 

For those who still think they want to submit a tip, story, or question about an unemployment claim, or a problem with a  job, that may lead to being unemployed, for the blog,  click here. 

And don't forget, I have an unemployment service referral service, should you deem you can afford the assistance of a professional unemployment hearing representative offering individualized services .. to claimants, as well as employers.  Click here to learn more.

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