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In the hope some of you will be able to determine if/how you should be able to collect unemployment, when I began this website I only offered free answers via a whole bunch of FAQs.   

Over the years I realized it wasn't just questions, but my own general answers that were becoming redundant.   But, I've never lost hope, that at least one of them might help explain more about working an issue to a better outcome .. since I've always tried to reach those who know little to nothing about how UI works and determining from a different perspective .. eligibility possibilities .. including why and how a person may initially be denied benefits, and potentially, erroneously.

Should you not find an answer  suitable to your unemployment claim and the issue involved, you may submit a new question at the bottome of this page (which is otherwise, all about me).

I now select questions, because they seem to include sufficient and relevant information I think can advance learning more, from a free conversation, which is fine by me, as long as you also know the terms and conditions and that both the Q & A will appear on the Unemployment Benefits Blog. 

Remaining anonymous when asking a question is advised by me, however, not naming the state controlling the claim, can be a non-starter for me .. only because I know UI eligibility on the same monetary, or non-monetary issue, really can vary state by state

If your question is about the Unemployment Appeal Referral Service, specifically intended to help claimants find a hearing representative I know is qualified to call themselves an unemployment hearing specialist, feel free to use the general email contact form below. 

(Referrals are limited to 28 states though, so  if you want to ask why your state is not on the list of states I know I can help you find an actual qualified UI hearing rep, please use the general contact form and I'll be happy to explain the reason  .. including when a state may have it's own reason to hope a claimant .. represent themselves.

In any case .. 

All the best to you and yours,

Chris -

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