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When I receive an email about your unemployment, it's something I truly appreciate.    However, because I know more about how unemployment works than most employees would ever want to know, let me just remind you, I think you can learn a lot of basic stuff via the  FAQ'S... including other conditional eligibility issues, in addition to good cause to quit, or to be fired. 

If you believe you should appeal, or just found out your employer appealed the initial determination allowing benefits, know that I also offer referrals to professional unemployment hearing representation for the states listed there.

And to disclose how I earn a small living from this website .. it's via referrals and passive ads.

Please feel free to click and email  Chris at

I respond to emails as promptly as I can to individual questions. (Usually within 24 hours.)

But don't be surprised if I respond with only my phone number.   It may be I think I need to acquire information you're not be thinking about yet, or it could be  I'm just trying to avoid typing a lengthy email I know will aggravate my carpal tunnel.

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