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Search This Site. contains a lot of  FAQs from individuals about various and common eligibility issues affecting unemployment people consistently, no matter the state controlling the claim.

Should you make use the free Q&As, I believe they are most useful, if you want to frame a better question about your unemployment problem .. if nothing else, before you cut to the chase and email me about your problem, or issue.

If you oppose the idea I may want to talk to you before I can answer, then please, feel free to submit your unemployment story/question, knowing full well I may possibly publish it on the blog.   

Anything you may currently assume about me, know my goal has always been to help if/when and how I can.

For me, helping includes explaining why I think it might be a better idea to put the idea of unemployment benefits, in your rearview mirror, or offering a referral to a professional unemployment appeal representative, or coach, because I recognize you have a legitimate argument that could be used to win a lower level appeal hearing. 

When a referral works out for me, it's because I receive a finder fee, but this only happens after the hearing rep conducts a free initial consultation and also assesses there are merits that justify taking your case .. for a flat fee.

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