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Let me start with all the free FAQ'S about unemployment eligibility.  I answered them by my lonely, throughout and then the years after the Great Recession. 

Usually the questions  came after someone quit or got fired from a job, but some were from those laid off, or those who had their hours, or pay reduced and were just thinking about quitting .. or feeling worried they might be fired.

The other point of and least for me and in addition to me just trying to freely explain how unemployment insurance eligibility works, was the idea I could eventually refer the employee/claimant to professional unemployment appeal hearing representatives .. similarly to what I did for employers as a hearing coordinator for a UI claims management company.

When it's proving facts that make winning possible, knowledgeable representation helps even a claimant to win more often.

Of course the money I hoped to earn was via the referral fee I would expect, when an  unemployed person was actually able to afford the three to six hundred dollar flat fee a rep charged to win based on facts.. not a pipedream.

Of course, you can  still  email me, so you know, I also appreciate the likes on my Facebook page and following my advice to socially distance your full name, if you're inclined to publicly post questions about your unemployment claim on a public facebook page connected to a website that has always strived to keep people anonymous.

Other than this .. I promise I try to respond as promptly as is humanly possible for me.  Don't be surprised if I respond with only my phone number either, because I am sincerely trying to not type any more than is necessary these days.

I truly wish you all the best, including the patience and good will we will all need getting through this horrible pandemic.

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