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I read emails promptly, because I take questions about unemployment benefits, seriously.  

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However, you may want to read some FAQS first if you still don't know what question you need to ask for more information.

If you want help with a tribunal (lower level) appeal hearing, you can check to see whether I offer a referral to a professional unemployment appeal hearing representative for your state.   I help with a referral for 28 states. 

If your state isn't one listed, you can email me and ask if I know a hearing rep willing to coach you to represent yourself.

If you are still employed and see the wisdom in discussing how unemployment insurance benefits may play out, should you become unemployed, please inquire about my personal coaching services by using the email form below.

If you want to contact me for any other reason, other than UI, please use the form below the FAQs.

General FAQS About Collecting Unemployment

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