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Let me begin communicating with you by directing you to the free FAQ'S about unemployment eligibility.  I've began answering those questions in 2008 .. after I first lost my job through no fault of my own and first thought, would be a good idea for claimants being denied benefits erroneously.  

The other point was if any claimants thought to ask for a referral to a professional unemployment appeal hearing representative and all because I knew that's what could increase the odds they wouldn't lose a winnable appeal hearing .. especially if going up against a hearing rep I use to hire for employer clients as an employee of a  UI claims management company.

Of course unemployment representation at a lower level hearing is not the free sort, but  I know the fee is still reasonable for those who understand why appeals work better, when one works with the facts, that actually make a case winnable.

Now go ahead and  email me

appreciate any likes to my Facebook page, but I don't like answering questions via facebook  which can require revealing personal unemployment information as well as my personal phone number on a social network platform .. I don't actually know how to control as well as I'd like to.

I promise to respond promptly, at least as is humanly possible for me personally.  And should you not just ask me for my phone number,  don't be surprised if I provide it and tell you when you can reach me by phone to discuss the unemployment question bothering you ..

If this all sounds like to much trouble, know I truly wish you all the best, including the patience and good will  we can all use now .. to get  beyond the national crises facing us today.

More about me and why I know how unemployment works ..  Chris ..

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