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Hi, I hope you won't ignore the many FAQs about collecting unemployment benefits.

My goal was to discuss in general, how unemployment eligibility works when quitting, or being fired, as well as addressing other issues affecting benefits like, monetarily qualifying, conditional eligibility issues, such as being able and available, accepting, or refusing suitable work, job search requirements and .. overpayments that may be caused by fraud, or non-fraud misrepresentations of material facts.

If you email me an unemployment question, expect I will respond in a timely fashion and may feel the need to include my personal phone number, for a brief discussion to gather some pertinent details underlying your question .. because it's the details that can affect any answer.

You can also submit a question to the blog .. here. 

If I choose your question to answer, it will become part of the FAQs, meaning it will become a page for this website .. and the blog. 

If you will be asking about how to win an unemployment appeal hearing,  I suggest you complete this email form to request a free consultation with a professional unemployment appeal hearing rep and ask what their opinion is, about your chances of winning a hearing, regardless of who appealed to get the hearing docketed.

If want to write an unemployment appeal, here's my template for a lower level  appeal that won't box you into an untenable position .. before you even get to the hearing. 

All the best, 

Chris -

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