FTC Disclosure

An FTC disclosure is necessary to explain I may be earning money from some text links ads, or gadgets I have placed on Unemployment-Tips.com

You can visit the FTC website to learn more about this protections for consumers.

And just cover the ways I maybe .. might earn money from this website.

Unemployment Appeal Case Referrals

When I refer you to a hearing rep, it's to a hearing rep I know.. knows unemployment law.  Referring you is free.  However, since the point of appealing should be based on some amount of merit you can also win, the hearing rep who does contact you will conduct their own free case evaluation before they quote you the fee for their service of representing you at the hearing.  I

If you pay the hearing rep to represent you, I get a referral/finder fee.

My Services as an Unemployment Coach .. Tutor?? 

Coaching, clearly isn't what I would recommend if you're still the one who has to win an unemployment hearing, but tutoring someone on how the burden of proof regarding specific unemployment issues works is what puts both employees and unemployed claimants in a better position to see how things might work out before quitting, or getting fired and before applying, or attending an unemployment appeal hearing totally unprepared to meet, or rebut a burden of proof.  

I don't offer free initial consultations, but I am not opposed to calling someone who did request coaching to try to talk them out of paying me, if what they explained on the request form .. made me feel hopeless for them .. about winning a hearing.

Affiliate Ads, Gadgets and Text Links

Recently (2017) I've opted to try some affiliate gadgets, ads and/or text links to services of companies that may, or may not be of interest to employees, unemployed people and even an employer who might of landed here on Unemployment Tips by mistake.

If you take the required action after click on anything I'm an affiliate of (like the JustAnswer.com chathead seen on mobile devices) and then take the necessary action for me to receive a commission .. I get paid.

Google Adsense

Although I don't love the idea I need passive ads, I signed up for a Google Adsense account with the hope what's passive would help pay for Solo Build It (another company I'm definitely an affiliate of, because I use it everyday, since the day it made it possible for me to build a website called Unemployment-Tips.com

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