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I got a new job, but won't start until next month. Do I still collect unemployment?

by Dot Strong
(Blountstown FL)

I am a school teacher who was let go from my last job and have been receiving unemployment. I was hired for a new teaching job and will start on August 11 and be paid my first check on Aug. 31.

My question is, am I eligible to continue receiving unemployment until I start my new job?
I live in Florida.
Thank you.


Yes, you are eligible until you start work because you are considered unemployed until you do start.

But August 11th is a Wednesday .. so you might still receive something for that week depending on the earnings.

Earnings must be reported to unemployment when you file the claim for any week .. not when you get paid the earnings.

People often make the mistake of not reporting earnings correctly .. much to their regret.

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