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they refuse to schedule me for shifts but won't actually fire me.

by Crystal
(Chicago, IL)


I have been a waitress at an Irish pub in Chicago for the last year. I have never been written up for anything while I've been there. I have had a couple small misunderstandings with my boss in the past that I immediately corrected when they were brought to my attention. Then today my boss accused me of giving away drinks this past Saturday, which was unofficial St. Patrick's day. First off I would like to say that I have never stolen a thing in my life, and that includes giving out free products from work. For every "questionable" circumstance he brought up I gave a truthful and logical explanation, needless to say he refused to listen to my side of the story. My main problem now is that they gave away all of my current shift and told me that they didn't know if they were going to schedule me again in the future, but every time that I asked if I was fired he just kept saying no but we don't think we're going to schedule you anymore. This whole thing is also happening at the same time that the employee who I was hired to replace just moved back to the area, and when I looked to see who they gave my shifts to it was her. I don't know if they actually think that I would ever steal from them or if they were just looking for any excuse to give the former waitress her old shifts back. But, either way I have not been officially fired and I have no idea where to go from here.


I'm certain I already answered your question Crystal. I believe I told you to file for partial unemployment benefits .. since they won't fire you and instead have reduced your hours by not scheduling you.

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