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How to Write an Unemployment Appeal Letter to Dispute an Initial Determination Disqualifying You From Benefits

So, how do you write an unemployment appeal letter  and most importantly without compounding the problems with why you were initially denied unemployment benefits .. erroneously?

It's an easy answer.  K.I.S.S

If you have been initially denied unemployment benefits, which happens often after answering a set of flowchart adjudication interview questions about the cause of your separation, it's good to know that your unemployment appeal letter only need provide a simple reason for why you're disagreeing and requesting a full fact finder hearing which should never serve, as an aid to the employers who fight benefits because they rely on claimants who inadvertently become responsible offering untenable positions, that can end up being self disqualifying by the end of a hearing. 

For this and other, more quasi-legal reasons, I know relate to administrative laws rules of procedures at lower level unemployment hearings, I also refer claimant cases to professional UI hearing representatives

I do so because my experience in the unemployment insurance cost control industry really did teach me how a desperate to explain appeal letter, can also provide hints to help an employer take advantage of what unrepresented claimants don't know by the time they appear for their last chance .. a lower authority tribunal hearing .. held by phone in a majority of the states.

To be succinct, claimant appeal letters often aid and abet their former employers, often represented at hearings, to win much more often .. because the unemployed person who may of lost a job through no fault of their own .. didn't know how to use the rules of procedure and argue to prove .. or rebut why they lost their job, through no fault of their own.

Keep Your Unemployment Appeal Letter .. Simple Stupid, But Insure it's Made Timely 

My advice to make timeliness of your appeal a moot point is to choose the best option to fax, email, or just mail it in such a way, that you also have proof your appeal was made timely .. and don't forget to save the sent email, successful fax transmittal, or mail delivery receipt, as evidence  .. in case timeliness ends up being an issue. 

And for heaven's sake .. don 't default by not appearing for a lower level hearing .. without first putting a request for postponement, with good cause, and into the appeal sections "record" in much the same way.

My point is .. once you enter the unemployment appeal process, it's in your best interest to learn how you're expected to prove more than just the workplace horror story that ended your job through no fault of your own. 

But then you can find a whole bunch of FAQs about winning unemployment appeals elsewhere.

Sample Appeal Letter For Unemployment Benefits

To Whom it May Concern,                                                                                                                                                             Date ...

I, (insert your name) am appealing the claim determination (insert mail date of the determ) denying unemployment benefits under (insert section of law cited in the denial).  

The reason for my appeal is due to the the initial determination being in error.  This letter serves as my request for a hearing be docketed and held where I will present information and or evidence to dispute the denial of benefits. 

(Sidenote:  Before you send an appeal letter, I would advise you to attempt obtaining a copy of your state claim file.  That would be the file created by a claim adjudicator (the gatekeeper).  It can definitely answer some questions you might be wondering about that could be relevant to directing how you prepare for your verbal argument at the hearing.  And please don't forget winning is about meeting, or rebutting  the burden that relates to what, how and potentially, if you need to  argue about the facts uncovered at a hearing, or in other words, why would you help an employer be the one who defeat your purpose for appealing.)

Thank You,

Chris - Unemployment Tips

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