unemployment unresolved issue?

I t has been 5 weeks I filed this week and there was a message saying it was accepted and to please remember that this is a waiting week ? does this mean I have been approved? and why does previous weeks say not paid due to unresolved issue? iam so confused please help

thank you

You really have given me very little to go on.

First, I don't know what state you're in and a couple things confused me such as the use of the word "message". But I'm willing to assume some things in order to try to answer and if I get something wrong .. feel free to set me straight.

Most states require us to serve a one week unpaid waiting period. If the message stated that this is your waiting week, it's very possible that you have not yet received in the mail the determination allowing benefits.

The first determination is monetary. It tells you that you have filed a "valid claim" and also lets you know how much money your claim is worth in total broken down how much you will receive each week while totally unemployed "IF OTHERWISE ELIGIBLE".

This means the issue of whether you are "nonmonetarily entitled" is an issue yet to be determined .. or "resolved".

Have you received a determination yet which says something along the lines of ..

You voluntarily quit your job. It is found that you voluntarily quit your job with good according to (a statute #) and are therefore eligible for benefits

or if fired ..

You were discharged from your job. It is determined the discharge was not misconduct therefore you are eligible to receive benefits.

It is this determination which must be made to "pay" the benefits.

This is also the determination which can be easily appealed by a party affected by it.

It may be that you received the message before the determination which should come in the mail.

I'm a little confused as to why the message would say "this is the unpaid waiting week" though .. unless you had received a lot of vacation pay or maybe a severance.

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Nov 13, 2012
unpaid week
by: Anonymous

Why does the week after the waiting week says,unpaid???? Is it because if a holiday and the system hasn't caught up yet??

I doubt it has anything to do with a holiday.

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