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Will I collect the same amount of unemployment benefit that I got in Mass if I move to South Carolina ?

by anonymous

Hello, Someone I know who lives in Massachusetts and got laid off and is collecting there, wants to move to SC. They have heard that if you move to another state you can still collect from the original state but they also were told that what they collect in SC will be in line with what SC would give them and not be what Mass. was giving them. I could not find anywhere on the website that specifically says ... if you are being paid the max in Mass and you move to SC then you will still get that amount. The person I know thinks, if you are getting the max in Mass then you will get SC max if you move there, which could be $300 less, due to cost of living difference... I saw on the Mass website that you would be paid as if living in Mass but my friend thinks they are leaving something out... what do you say? Thank you, Anonymous

Hi Anonymous,

Your question makes me :))))

For years I tried to find an answer that would satisfy me about interstate claims...because for years people from other states...would go to Mass to file for unemployment because of the higher WBA's...and get them. I asked hearing officers, tax people, lawyers, and anyone else I thought might have a clue about "How could this be???"

My problem with it was if a person's wage credits were from taxes
paid on wages in a lower paying state (which pays WBA's) and they started collecting benefits from Mass...per Mass statute, who was paying the difference?

I never did find out who was paying and evidently the feds thought this was a problem too because effective sometime in January of this year (2009) a whole bunch of out of state people collecting MA benefits stopped receiving checks.

It seems the feds redefined "paying state". The effect was that if you do not have wages in the state where you apply you can't collect under that state's statutes.

So here's what I think...not confirmed, (which would be easy enough to do by calling the state)

Your friend will continue to receive Massachusetts WBA (weekly benefit amount) because his claim was established in MA, based on wages earned in MA and being paid by MA.

Massachusetts would be the "paying state", SC would be the "agent state" because your friend will need to register for work in SC and adhere to any requirements they may have for job searching because they must keep tabs on us and make sure we're not loafing around.

I don't know what will happen if he gets an extension though.

I did check to see if Locality might be a problem, but it looks good. It's
page 22 in this USDOL publication.

Now because "interstate" stuff is a big dark hole tell you friend to confirm this with the state of Massachusetts.

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Aug 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

I was collecting in mass. to & I also relocated to s.c. & collect unemployement for the summer, I talked to 2 different cust. service mass & was told 2 different answers. My question is would I be able to still collect out of state unemployement come sept. (when it's time to go back to work up there) if I've moved out of state.
I've been looking for a job down here, but have'nt found one.
1 customer service rep said yes & 1 said no because it's like I quite my job.
Any info would be appreciated.

Hi Anonymous,

Well, I have a question .. what do you mean by "My question is would I be able to still collect out of state unemployement come sept. (when it's time to go back to work up there)"

It sounds like you might of possibly have been temporarily layed off or worked for a school district maybe.

If a person is collecting because of a lay off and they are recalled to that job and refuse it, it becomes an issue of whether you refused suitable work. Most states address this in the statutes. It would be one of those situations that cause benefits to stop while filing continued claims for unemployment benefits.

Mar 30, 2009
Information about combined wage claims, paying states and liable states.
by: Chris - webmaster:)

I think I need to give you a couple links. This is sort of a confusing issue, okay sorta may be an understatement because it's giving me a headache, but I'm going to give it another shot.

Let's start with this from the Mass website I think Massachusetts does the best job of explaining (probably because they were most affected due to their very high WBA's)

You'll notice it is a change in the language of the federal law defining paying state for "Combined wage claims".

I have read this over and this should have absolutely no effect on your friends situation...he did not have South Carolina wages.

He has wages in Massachusetts and even if he moved to South Carolina and filed a claim there it should be an interstate claim (agreements at bottom of page) and Massachusetts laws regarding qualifying and what is paid should be used to make all determinations.

Mar 30, 2009
Fed info...
by: Anonymous

Thank you for adding the info about the feds... To me, that clears it up. Can you tell me where to find that info on record so I can print it out? Thank you for your help, Anonymous

Feb 28, 2009
Thank you for answering so quick...
by: Anonymous

Thank you for answering so quick... your answer is the way I take it... my friend is afraid to call them as he thinks it will "flag" his account and he doesn't want to mess things up... not even sure he's going to move yet. If anyone has experienced this actual scenario, I'd be interested in hearing their experience. Thank you

So would I. Tell your friend asking is the only way to get an answer. Even the states with statutes governing where a person looks for work have wording that could still allow them to move...when the conditions are right.

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