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$$?? Claim review tier 2 Went to jail 16 days - no check and jipped 2 weeks for tier reviews

by Chris Harmon
(Largo Florida)

This is bull, if your account goes dry they take a week to review it and dont pay you that week+ then its like another 6 weeks before you see 4 weeks pay. WTF is the deal?

I didn't claim 2 weeks I was in Jail 16 total days I was honest. I saw lots of unemployment FRAUDS in court gettin 30 days.

I have completed 36 days without pay since leaving jail and have been in review status all this time, I MUST leave for a JOB 9 hours away this sunday, its now Mar 30th tuesday...

I swear they look for ways to trim off us, they did it last fall when refilling my account federally, took 2 weeks! now my account is stuck at $450, needing a refill and them sitting on thier hands again looking for ways to trim off a week or two, I am totally FUCT, anyone got $1000 they can loan me? they owe me $1500 as of Monday apr. 5th

Im off to rebuild 747 aircraft hopefully...

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