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I lost my job in Florida on Aug 17 and applied for Unemployment immediately. My employer claimed I was at fault.

I appealed and the denial was reversed on Oct. 28. It took way too long for the appeal to take place and now too long to receive funds. I called and was told to wait 21 days.

It is now 21 days still no $. They owe me 13 weeks. I called again and they said to wait a few more weeks. They are putting me out of my house next month and I am hoping the the back payments will pay for security and first month at an apartment. I have lived in this state for over 25 years, worked and paid my taxes and now that I am in need - Bupkus! Hope I get some money soon. I am looking for jobs in other states...can't be much worse then this one. My best advise would be to complain immediately..don't get anywhere being polite.

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How one person in Florida got the state to pay the benefits owed!!
by: Chris - (webmaster:)

If anyone else in Florida is getting this lame and totally UNACCEPTABLE response from the Florida Unemployment Department about where your money is, you need to read a thread that began back in May on this site. You need to pay close attention to how one individual, whose benefits were being held up exactly the same way actually got his benefits after making one phone call.

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