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16 to 20 weeks for unemployment appeal to be heard.

by Luke
(New Jersey)

In New Jersey I was denied benefits because I was deemed as a full time student. My training was not approved because it is not a labor demand occupation.(law enforcemnt) huh. I received a letter urging unemployment to go back to school to better themselves and skills. So I figured I could complete my degree 4 more classes needed. Afer receiving a letter that stated I was ineligible I dropped a class and brought proof back to unemployment. The lady could not change it and called the supervisor to do so. The supervisor said since the interviewer deemed as ineligilbe they can not overturn their ruling. I contacted my local state legislature office and she was in contact with the appeals department. The appeal department said I will probably not get heard untill 16 to 20 weeks and they can not expidite the appeal for me because eeryone else is waiting too. This is an isssue that state government needs to step in on. This is crazy. Child support is not getting paid and bills are mounting. I will be out in the cold and left in the dark. Is there any suggestions or other steps I can take to expidite this process? Also how is 16 to 20 weeks speedy appeal?

Hi Luke,

You might try calling the NJ appeal board to see if they have some process for speeding things up due to financial hardship .. such as California does.

Other than that .. I would say that 16 to 20 weeks puts them in non-compliance with federal guidelines and you might consider calling the attorney general's office to file a complaint.

I did not realize that the department did not have the authority to issue a "redetermination".

You're right .. it's a problem and it's not just happening in NJ .. it's everywhere.

This is the kind of thing that nothing will be done about .. unless unemployed people everywhere make an issue of it.

You might make a visit to this website and tell your story too.

Luke, you're not alone .. this just keeps happening more and more .. they encourage everyone to go back to school and then stop benefits if you tell them you are going to school .. whether able and
available or not .. it take weeks for California to investigate eligibility issue and issue another determination .. yet they stop paying the benefits while doing the investigation ..

You're right .. I think it's crazy too .. and this is why people are not telling a state when they go back to school ..

If you get a a grant .. they'll probably find out anyway .. and then deny training benefits because it's not an in demand labor market .. and stop your benefits forcing an appeal .. and then take .. in your case up to four months to process the appeal.

I'm restraining the amount of outrage I feel.

Basically, I just don't think most politicians actually believe that the American people have a brain in their collective heads and we are so gullible we will swallow any swill we are offered and just sit quietly and wait .. for things to get better.

They are so busy being Republicans and Democrats that they have forgotten that they are Americans first and their first and only duty is to the people who they serve .. not their own selfish, egomaniac or political agendas.

If they were truly concerned with their constituents .. they'd be working overtime and a new extension would be taken care of by now.

When there are no jobs to be had .. let people get educated, because some of those people will create jobs for others.

I think most people recognize that common sense needs to rule now .. not a political party.

Most Americans are milling about in the middle of the road right now and whether they look to the left or look to the right for direction .. all they will see are those they elected to office with a party picket stuck up their .. you know what.

To me they represent the epitome of Poor Job Performance. They are not the boss .. we are .. and personally, I think they are guilty of misconduct because they should know their inaction is negligence and causing harm to the employer.

My that felt good.

Sorry, I can't help you get your hearing any sooner, but if you email me your address .. I'll send you a box of candles.

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