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18 Month Deadline

by Nancy D
(Los Angeles)

I was laid off from my job about 15 months ago and I did not file for unemployment until July of this year but the unemployment office is now saying that I am do not have any money available because of the timing of the filing. My last paycheck was 2/28/09 and although it is within the 18 calender month deadline it falls outside the quarter the state works within. How do I appeal the decision so I can get the benefits I worked so long for? I worked for my last company for 13 years and my previous company is not contesting the filing.

It's the base period and the monetary qualifying formula .. most states require at least two quarter of wages to show in the base period and meet the minimum "qualifying formula" as structured individually by state.

Each quarter you don't file .. the base period moves forward by one quarter in time. The BYB (benefit year begins date) is the relative date to establishing the base period.

I say, unless you had a subsequent and a qualifying separation from a job .. you're out of luck.

You might try taking a look at the resource I link to on the top of the page about unemployment-pay.

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