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5 months later... waiting for 3rd appeal. MISSOURI

by abridgeislookingood

In the restroom when a process server was at work to serve me civil papers. She said she would wait, but she didn't and I lost my job for not making myself available.

( long story short ( with a landlord harassment video on youtube as well)

I rented a coworkers home. She stalked me and harassed me. Stole my trash, walked in the home at anytime, and would not give me key or garage door opener. I did get a letter after ONLY 30 days of living in her home. The letter said that I had 30 days to move out(after I did over $1,000 of work on my own). But, only 10 days later she filed an eviction and prevented me from renting another place. Then lost my job and denied unemployment. I've lost everything. Still time to file EEOC complaint. The story is highly complicated, but I know that I am right. The process server was at my work only 2 days before my court date.
(that I already found out about from the man that WAS going to rent me an apartment, and of course I was going to be there!) This is depressing. Medical bills, phone bills, food, children... have all been effected.

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Apr 21, 2013
Filed with eeoc three months ago
by: Anonymous

I was fired almost 6 months ago, I waited to file with EEOC because I wanted to make sure I received my unemployment. Three months later I received my unemployment, finally. I filed with the EEOC in January for wrongful terminated and discrimination based on race. I received a letter with EEOC a month later asking me to have a detailed description of what took place. I typed a 2 page single spaced description of what took place. It has been 2 months and I still have not received anything. I worked for this company for almost 6 years, had over 120 hours of sick time, was a valued employee,and was never late. The same type of firing event happened at my friends store happened a year ago and they won a 250 million dollar lawsuit. I am still unemployed and I cannot find a real job. Please help what should I do? I deserve money for being fired from a company when I did what I always do, satisfy the customer.

Do you live in Missouri? Were you denied unemployment benefits? Did you lose your unemployment hearing?

Do you need an attorney to help you with the EEOC complaint?

I'm just don't know enough to even know where to begin trying to help you or what problems you've had with unemployment .. which is what I specialize in.

Mar 22, 2012
Yes Heather, You're right.
by: abridgeislookingood

Here is the HONEST truth of what happened. read my above page again first. Now, on the day that the process server was there at my work, a previous incident had happened. The landlord/coworker had been knocking on my home door where my mom was at trying to finish cleaning the home so that I could give her the keys. She wanted to know where I was at. Then, she showed up at work on her day off. I told the manager, and he asked a supervisor to tell her she didn't need to be there and to " get her the hell out of here." She had been stalking me and harassing me from time to time. It was very weird. I told him that she scares me on more than one occasion. So, she left. One hour later I was asked to come get papers from a process server. I went to the restroom with exteme anxiety and panic attack because of the previous incident that day. I didn't know if the landlord was there as well to harass me again. I also had an intermitent FMLA for asthma and anxiety . They wanted to know what restroom I was in. 2 male security guards. I told them I didn't need help. They didn't need to know. If I needed help, I could call someone and ask for help. I told them that I was in the restroom and 2 security gaurds and process server were walking the halls looking for me as if I was a criminal or something. They even had a nurse call my work phone that I carry at all times (Hospital). The nurse was asking me questions and asked what my name was. I said why? She said that someone there wanted to know and wouldnt tell me who. Shortly after, my manager called and handed the phone to the process server. She told me she would wait til I was done in the restroom. But, when I called to to meet with her, she was gone. She even left a voice mail on my cell phone telling me that she would meet me the next day before work as I had asked for her to do. But, I was suspended by that time and she turned the papers into the court the next day stating that I wouldnt make myself available. Reasons for terminations:
*Unprofessional conduct
*Actions detrimental to patient care
*Refusing a direct request from your Manager and a Security Officer
*Failure to cooperation with law enforcement
*Failure to participate in a scheduled meeting to discuss your status and to return messages as requested.
My annual review was good. I was not a nurse. I did not have any work due at that time. They actually finally had taken off the "detremental to patient care" after my final grievence meeting at the end of January with the CEO. It's ridiculous.
They wanted a reason for me to be gone and this was there way. Previously, I had been harassed on the night shift and moved to the dayshift. 3 people on the night shift had since been fired.I have no money. Can't afford my inhalers now which are $200 for one month. I am so tired

Mar 22, 2012
by: Heather

First and foremost, do not wait to file something with the EEOC if you have a valid complaint. The EEOC already takes years to even investigate so you do not want to waste any time. Second, you do not want to miss the very short window of time that you have to file with them.

With regard to the unemployment matter I believe that people can give you some advice and help you if they had more details. What exactly did you get fired for? You say because you were not available but it sounds (and I am only making an assumption based on what you have written) that the service of the papers was a personal matter and was not related to work at all. Am I correct? Also you say you are waiting for 3rd appeal so can you give some back ground info on the first two appeals and all of the details in this complicated situation?

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