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5 Years of Loyalty, Punished

by anonblonde
(Springfield, MO)

So 5 years ago I became a full-time medical software trainer. Then 3 yrs in they asked me to drop to hourly pay ($45/hr) & could only guarantee 10 hours/week. 1.5 yrs later they stated they could not support the 10 hrs/wk & I was being dropped to only being paid for hours I actually conducted trainings. I filed for unemployment after this for the weeks when nothing was scheduled. Three months later, they asked me to come back to work full-time with a 10% raise. I accepted. One month into that, they asked me to take on the roll of Operations Manager with greatly expanded responsibilities.

Five months now, I have had weekly meetings with the owner reviewing the next hot item to be resolved (have already resolved numerous "headaches") and asked "How am I doing?" "Is there any more I can take on?" etc. Every time since the first month, the response is the same "You're doing great" "Everything we throw at you, you handle" or the occasional new project or new issue.
Monday I come into work and there is a form on my desk "Position Reorganization Offer". The "offer" wording is what I believe would disqualify me from collecting UI benefits.
I am to become the Trainer/Enrollment Specialist @ $25/hr with 16 hr workweek. This is $20/hr less than I was making before accepting the new job & the responsibilities have increased (more work, less money).

I am open to any educated opinions about whether or not I will be able to collect but, I suspect it will be moot point by the time someone responds.

As my husband says people don't quit jobs, they quit other people (managers/owners).

Chris: Yup, I've Got an Opinion on 5 Years of Loyalty, Punished

And it might even be moot at this point ..

I will of course be moving this to Q&A's about Suitable Work. .. Or another way to think about that bit of UI jargon..

What employers do to make suitable work, unsuitable enough for a reasonable
person to refuse such a generous offer .. with good cause enough to quit a job and then collect unemployment .. and win an appeal hearing .. if need be.

The answer to your question is relative to how much this new offer reduces pay from the last pay/terms change you accepted. (because this would be the third time .. right?)

How substantial .. significant is the reduction in pay? Is it enough, for MO unemployment law to say one has good cause to of voluntarily quit a job that might otherwise still be quite suitable .. for someone who enjoys being taken on a joyride .. from full timed salaried to $45 ph hour .. but only a guarantee of 10 hours a week, to then being yanked back to full time in a new position and an increase in pay .. after you clearly must of filed for partial benefits.

Now only months later .. they are doing it again. I love a roller coaster ride, but not while I'm trying to work in the best interest of an employer.

Missouri of course, is one of those states that doesn't provide a whole lot of case law to help reasonable people figure this stuff out on their own.. and instead post stuff like this ..

"Good cause", for the purposes of this subdivision, shall include only that cause which would compel a reasonable employee to cease working or which would require separation from work due to illness or disability (§288.050.1(1), RSMo).

on a page they call Selected Case Law"

So .. I can't give you a definitive answer, but I can suggest perusing some of the precedent decisions manuals for other states .. if you want to know why I'm leaning toward the possibility you do have some good cause to work with here .. especially if this employer is putting all these "new offers" that have substantially changed the terms and the pay .. each and every time .. including the two times you did accept the new terms.

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