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by Sheila
(By the Ocean in So. California)

Greetings to whomever is thinking about consulting with Ms. Chris. ~DO IT~

I was terminated for supposed Insubordination/Misconduct on 3 counts. My ex-employer protested my unemployment before I even had my phone interview. The result was 'ineligible' for unenployment, because of the lies they told to EDD.

I scoured the Internet as to what I could do. Fortunately I happened upon this website! I filed for an appeal.

I had 2 consultations with Ms. Chris and several e-mails of GREAT advice. I faxed her several items.
Chris reviewed my termination paperwork, and said she could not see where I was in fact insubordinate.

I followed Chris' advice and took copious notes through our phone consultations. I was more than prepared when the Hearing date came.

Because of the knowledge I gleaned in speaking with Chris I finally knew what insubordination means.

At the Hearing I could tell my ex-employer was not as wise. I left the Hearing with a good feeling.

Today that good feeling was fully realized when I received a letter from the Judge stating her decision;

"The determination is reversed. The claimant is qualified. Benefits are payable provided the claimant is otherwise eligible."

I could not have done it with out Chris' assistance all the way.


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Victory Dance!
by: Peggy Marie Johnson

Hi Chris,

Sheila's story was great to read and another fine example of how you reach out to help others with such difficult situations such as unemployment and difficult previous employers. Just as you helped me, you have helped others, as in Sheila's situation and I'm so very happy for her since I know how stressful this process can be, that she prevailed. I thank you again for your assistance since your advise had also helped me win my case back in February; when I quit my job due to horrible working conditions. I had my guns loaded after your advise.

I just have one question for you....can you email me a copy of you doing your dance so I can see what it looks like? LOL!

Thanks again & congrats to Sheila as to the many others that you helped prevail!

God Bless you!


Sheila was a great employee .. maybe too great for her employer.
by: Chris

Sheila not only happened to be a great and conscientious employee that any employer would be happy to have, but her employer tried to turn her conscientious attitude against her as a weapon.

Additionally, she provided all the nails to nail the employer on their lies which discredited the employer.

She documented as an employee and then prepared extremely well for her hearing.

I feel very proud of her and that I was able to be a small part of her victory. I did my usual little victory dance last night, when she let me know she had won:)

Just goes to show, that claims interviewers do not always thoroughly investigate or always make the right decision out of the gate and why it is so important to develop an appeal with teeth.

Congratulations Sheila and my very best wishes for whatever you choose to do next.

I'm sure you'll be great at it.


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