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A Break in Claiming Unemployment Benefits

by billy bob
(oswego ny)

My claim was opened on October 12th 2009. I am allowed up to 60 weeks of total unemployment. I had a break in my claim for 3 mths because I worked. I am no longer working due to lack of work again. Can I still receive my extended benefits on this claim?

Regardless of any extended benefits, you can reopen a claim that hasn't yet expired at it's BYE date (Benefit Year Ends).

However, to be clear, your right to continue collecting benefits is, or will be eventually determined by the separation from the most recent work.

That can become a problem for some if the state doesn't pursue an investigation before allowing you to start collecting again .. in case the employer protests in the negative, or isn't informed they are a liable base period employer until a second benefit year is filed for.

This is just one way someone could eventually receive a massive overpayment determination .. which of course, you should appeal, if you believe you weren't at fault for the separation.

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