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a chance to find a new job in a different state due to marriage?

by Libby
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I am currently employed in Los Angeles, but am engaged. My fiance lives in Las Vegas, NV. Due to his retirement benefits and seniority, it makes more sense for me to move to Nevada than him to California. I have been looking for a job in Las Vegas for about 3 months now, but have yet to be offered anything. If I quit my current job, get married, and take residency in Nevada, will it be possible to collect unemployment?

Hi Libby,

California does explain quitting a job to move due to marriage.

Quitting due to marriage and moving.

(Please note, that this still requires an effort by you to "preserve the employment")

I do not think a person can be too zealous about protecting themselves from this phrase, which is found everywhere in this guide for almost every conceivable situation.

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