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a death in immediate family?

by Erin
(Houston, TX)

I was a special education teacher/ sports coach and had to quit my job after the sudden death of my father. In May my father passed away from a sudden heart attack. My mother was then left all alone with my younger brother and I thought it would be the right the thing to do if moved back home to help her. I quit my job teaching and moved home hoping to find a teaching job around here and have had no luck. I have been trying to find a job in sales since teaching positions are full throughout the school year. I have a Masters degree but I can't seem to even find an entry-level position Can I get unemployment for the time being?

Hi Erin,

I do not believe unemployment benefits are an option available to you.

An option you might have had before quitting was to use FMLA and take a wait and see attitude about the permanency of the move, but even that might not be possible .. you didn't mention that your mother is incapable in anyway .. which is also a problem.

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