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a late bank deposit

by John

I was written up for poor sales for the month of janurary and spoke with the district manager and he related to me what I need to do to bring my performance up I told him how he talk's to people is rude. I was told that I could quit or he could keep me from getting unemployment but If I did not improve my sale''s that My next move Is i WOULD BE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB 2 WEEKS LATER i WAS FIRED FOR A LATE BANK DEPOSIT

Hi John,

Seems simple enough to me, but I'd have to know what the employer policy is for "cash control" including bank deposits was. I'd also need to know if the employer followed their policy for discipline regarding bank deposits to guesstimate whether you would have a case for unemployment.

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To the one asking about the company name - sounds like a lot of different companies
by: Chris -

You aren't the first one to mention that particular company by name. Wonder what goes on there.

Now here's a rant .. because I've been known to go off on one of those on the pages of this website.

I hope John won that appeal, because with the three pages of job duties .. to not include the responsibility of making bank deposits .. sounds good then and now.

But, there is a difference I want to reiterate for me .. between employer and company.

Just to be clear .. when I use the word employer, I'm usually referring to another employee that has been given the authority by a company (employing unit, business entity) on a piece of paper that comes to life through those given the authority to direct and control subordinate employees below them and who is usually the direct witness with first hand knowledge at an unemployment hearing.

To think it's rarer that a bad boss will lie at a hearing to protect their own job than bad employee/claimants do, at most is a crazy assumption. More objectively speaking, it may show a propensity for employer bias .. not that I don't have any of that myself .. but I do know it's important to temper any personal bias with objectivity to find a better argument, or give up the ghost of one.

What I think makes a good boss, isn't important to anyone but me. However, I think a good boss is one that knows how to do their job well and that might of been chosen to lead others because they had a track record proving they also tend to teach and inspire other to grow and get better at their job, including that significant need to be self aware and empathetic with those we work with.

Cynicism can and does temper even my expectations though.

It's not often a dream boss faces people at a hearing who actually feel they were used and abused by the boss.

It's those employees given the authority of being a boss, that choose to use that power-up unwisely, and/or to bolster - camouflage those internal insecurities that drive them to find ways to feel better, more often than not, to the unfair detriment of subordinate employees.

Bad bosses, often make bad subordinates. But when they are your boss, it's not wise, if unemployment benefits might be at stake .. to choose NOT to work your way up whatever the established grievance a company might expect and use against you at a hearing, if you ignore it as an employee.

The moral of the story behind Unemployment Tips is to document your efforts in case it's just the relevant document you need to make your story to collect unemployment benefits .. more credible when confined to the realm of quasi-legal unemployment appeal hearings.

Company name
by: Anonymous

Is the company cvs? Sounds like them.

I was terminated for the same.
by: Jason

I have been denied and I am appealing it. The denial was based on documentation from the employer that supposedly stated the deposit was my responsibility. I reviewed my job responsibilities and no where in the 3 pages did it state that taking money/deposits to the bank was one of my duties. I sent in my copy of my job duties listed for my previous position. I hope to win the appeal.

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