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a lateral move inside th company that is unsatisfactory

by mark

well i was in a position of sales and sales wasn't good and the district manager wanted to move me to a different store so i went there and within 30 days of taking the new position i found thta there was no room for growth that the store was moving backwards in all the sales and i took a huge pay cut and had to work more hours. i emailed the district manager with my concerns and was hoping he would supply a different option and he said that there wasnt anything available. and i said to him that he is forcing me to quit and i was still loooking for another option and again there wasnt one so i quit will i qualify at my hearing for the unemployement? also i might have a job next week will my weeks claimed that i havent received benefits for be nullified with employment?

Hi Mark,

I removed your last named and your city .. just so this post might not interfere with you getting that "new job". I've received emails from those that a post on this site was the cause .. they were told .. for not being hired.

And I think it's important you do get that job .. because I don't think you will get benefits.

As far as the weeks you have already claimed .. if you are lucky enough to get benefits .. you would get paid for those weeks you were claiming and unemployed.

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Feb 28, 2010
unemployement hearing
by: Anonymous

i heard from another distrist manager that the company i worked for doesn't fight the unemployment in court so if they don't send a lawyer will i automatically win?

No, it isn't an automatic win especially since you quit. It's easier if the employer isn't fighting a claim ..

But you still have to carry the burden and satisfy the state that you had good cause to quit.

The state makes the decisions based on the facts they are presented with.

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