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A mistake I made months ago that cost the company a lot of money due to the owner not doing her job

by Ally
(Portland, OR)

Im not fired.....yet. My boss is in deliberation about firing me. The thing is...

This is a very small company, I work directly for the owner.

I have never signed anything but a W4 to validate that I work here.

I have never received a write up, a yearly evaluation or any evaluation for that matter.

I never signed anything that lists employee responsibility or conduct.

Also, I'm in school.

So if I get fired, can I get Unemployment?


Hi Ally,

I think I link to the USDOL resource on unemployment and school which gives a good overview of all states attitude about giving unemployment to those attending school.

As far as whether Oregon will consider what you did as misconduct .. I suggest researching decisions

I'm not sure how long you have worked for this employer or how long ago you made the mistake, but the length of time between the mistake and a discharge can be relevant .. as well as if the mistake is something you should have known better about or if it was an error made in good faith .. or inadvertent.

It's up to you to assess whether something about the way you did it could leave the employer open to proving culpability.

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