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a move to follow your spouse.

by Stephanie
(Mill Hall, PA)

For the past two years my husband and I have maintained a long distance marriage. My husband living in towns 200 miles away, near his drilling sites (he is a geo-well analysis.) I maintained my job and our home waiting for his availability to visit, or taking vacation time to visit him.

Recently after some financial calculations we realized is would be fullish for us to continue spending money on two residences. I tried to find a job nearby the area he works in but could not.

My employer kept pressure on me to travel with my company which I refused, as it would take me further away from my husband. My employer continued pressuring me telling me "to find another job if I was so unhappy." After two documented meetings, a job description rewrite on my part to let them know what I was requesting, regarding job outline and pay. I found it necessary to quite and follow my husband.

I have decided to file for Unemployment, we live in Pa. What will I have to prove, what chances do I have in receiving said unemployment?

Hi Stephanie,

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