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a necessary move 80+ miles away?

by James
(Los Banos, CA)

I worked at my last job for 2 years, happily. Recently, my wife lost a major portion of her income in the form of her largest client (she's self-employed). We could no longer pay our bills and we didn't have the money to pay our rent. Then my wife's mother had to send her 15 year old son to a youth ranch for delinquents, which costs several thousand a month. So she had to take on extra hours at work to make the money for the youth program, which meant leaving her 13 year old son home alone. There is no one else to take care of him. We couldn't pay our rent. So we moved in with my wife's mom and brother.

Now, I care for our 2 kids and my nephew during the day, while my wife works. I asked my boss if there was anywhere closer to the new house (83 miles away) to transfer me, but he said no. I gave my full notice. I just received my denial this morning. It says: "you quit your last job with ____ to move. after considering available information",blah blah blah. You don't meet good cause.

So what do I put on my appeal?

Hi James,

I wish to appeal the determination dated ______.

I request an appeal hearing be scheduled as soon as possible.

Then go to the California Eligibility Guide and prepare for your hearing according to what you learn there.

I also suggest that you read up on "Able and available" because even if you manage to get a reversal of the VQ disqualification .. you could still have an A&A issue because you babysit now .. which would prevent you from collecting benefits even if they say you're entitled.

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