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a part time job to retran for a new career

by Henry
(Hazleton PA USA)

I worked a 8-5 local truckdriving job with a great wage when they down sized due to the economy I got laid off and started collecting uc benefits. Occassionally when I had child care for my 2 kids, I would take a long haul trip for a small company, who did not have a full time local position with hours less than 15 hrs per day, so this employment was part time as I could due to my kids. I always filed everything I made, which was never enough to even reduce my weekly benefit rate, I then enrolled into a community college to retrain to be a police officer, with a potential job upon completion. I still drove when I could but my physical card, which was required to drive a truck in PA expired. I didnt take any trips until I could afford to get that renewed, which I recently did and now drive again occassionally. The state sent me a letter saying that I owe all the money I recd. from unemployment when I didnt drive for this part time employer and said I frauded the state and stopped paying my unemployment. This was never a permanent part time job due to hours,only when I could. They had work available but I could not manage the hours required and that is why I didnt take the job full time. Can I be forced to work a part time job? Is this fraud? Am I forced to work a job no matter what the hours? The part time employer was well aware of my situation and the agreement was, that I would call him when I could. The times I did work I would work sometimes two days straight without sleep, because if I did come home it was only for a couple of hours and I had to take care of my kids, I physically could not do this for more than two days in a row. I was collecting unemployment from my full time job which laid me off. The reason for the fraud charge is that I quit my job to attend school. Any insite would be greatly appreciated.

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