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a positive UA

by Cody
(Pinedale, Wyoming)

I was digging Live Natural Gas Lines and Was told there was nothing else in the ground. Within 2 min of starting to dig I found an unmarked, Condensate line that blew into the cab of my trackhoe. I was engulfed by fumes and wet gas. The condensate is more toxic and flamable than gasoline. I was told that it was not my fault and to keep digging. I ingested and inhaled the chemicals and soon became very sick. Hours later the saftey lady came back and said I had to take a ua, I had taken two others within the previous months and passed them both. On this occasion however, they said I failed. I was told by the Vice president of the company that I could take a counseling class and come back to work. I was not told I was fired or laid off. One week later, the safety lady told me that I would not be allowed back no matter what. I filed for Unemployment and got it for two months when the employer fought the decision and told them I had intentionally hit a gas line and was fired for that reason. I lost benefits. Any suggestions? `2q1


Did you attend the unemployment hearing?

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