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a Sick relative

by Monique
(Queens, NY)

Due to my grandmothers ailing health and a need for around the clock care, I went to the HR department and inquired about a night time position or a weekend position, the only position that they have for night is a call center position but the site is not open for new hires so I asked to be kept posted or called on as a back fill for the Call Center. But starting as of March 5th I will have to take care of my grandmother day to day, since she has a history of violence toward home health aids she has been denied services so I am the only choice left and we can't afford a home for her either. I reside in NYC and I am able to work nights and weekends on a part - time of full time basis I am currently looking for work at night as well while I continue to take care of my grandmother.

Hi Monique,

New York interprets each set of circumstances when someone quit due to their own illness or needs to quit to perform "familial duties".

There's usually less question when the family member is part of the "immediate family".

When we start talking about grandparents, Aunt, Uncles an other one removed from the immediate family members it can get sticky. Although we love these people just as much and may very be as important to us.

I know some states actually have precedents that interpret based on the relationship you have with these relatives .. such as a person that was raised by their grandparents .. or are a legal guardian for a niece or nephew.

I think they will want to know why it is you that has to care for your grandmother .. this may or may not be a problem .. I don't know, but in any case you should read the decisions and summaries for NY

Also, I don't know if you have thought of this or if this has even been suggested to you, but if your grandmother is on medicaid and is violent toward the help you have managed to get for her (been there, done that) you might be able to become an employee of an agency and be paid to provide the care .. I know it's a possibility .. because I use to handle unemployment claims for an agency that did this and some of the claimants were getting benefits when they quit after their family member passed away.

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