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A tale of two states

Here's a question:

What if a person is laid off and collects UI benefits in one state, and then after several months, decides to move to another state to pursue school? Would the rules of the first state apply to the claim or would the person's claim be subjected to the new state's UI rules for school during unemployment?

In my past experience, when I was laid off in one state and collected unemployment, I continued with the first state's unemployment, even though I moved to another state in the meantime. I'm fairly confident that this would work, but I want to make sure.


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Interesting and barring all weird unemployment anomalies I think you are correct.

That's because basically, an unemployment claim is controlled by the statutes of the state that is paying the claim.

When one moves from one state to another while collecting when not in school, you are only usually, just required to register for work in the new state and follow their job search requirements. They don't bump your WBA up or down .. do they? They just want to keep tabs on you .. in case.

But by no means do I believe that moving to another state would enable you to forgo the requirements to be excused from a job search .. unless you have the approval of the paying state for that school.

The main issues that stop benefits while attending school are availability for work in your usual occupation or whatever a state may consider "suitable employment" and attending school itself when not "state approved training".

The issue of school and unemployment benefits can vary wildly from one state to another ..

I'm very partial to USDOL's State Unemployment Law Comaparison .. some may have noticed:)

But I've started to double check what I thought I knew including the issue of unemployment and school by first checking for changes in state legislation and referencing "UI Modernization Incentive Payments".

Unemployment is usually a very static system .. but that seems to be changing sloooooowly.

I realize this is not a definitive answer and for questions about school .. My best advice is to call your states "Employment office" and ask questions because I like definitive when I can get it.

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Nov 20, 2009
I forgot to mention Locality Provisions
by: Chris

I forgot to mention checking for the possibility of locality provisions which may also be relevant to someone moving out of state.

The information can be found also at the link above.

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