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Abandonment of Job and unemployment Georgia


My husband recently had to leave work to go to the hospital for our daughter, while on a new shift, and about 30 min. before it was actual time to leave. He told "someone" (couldn't remember who, new shift)that he had to go. He left and went up to the hospital. A few min later someone from his work had called and left a message. He called them back immediately and asked for the person that had called. The person wasn't there.

So the next day he went into work and they called him into the office. They told him to hand over his badge and keys. They had a discussion with him about what had happened and my husband told them the situation. They sent him home and said that they were going to do an investigation and he should know by the next morning what is going on. So now here we are a week or so later and they are still doing their "investigation". They asked for proof that he was at the hospital, and we gave them a letter for my daughter back to school note/ discharge, that showed the dates on it. They called him in and had a meeting with him and said that what he gave them was not "proof" that they called and said she wasn't at the hospital and that the letter we gave them wasn't from there nor was
the Dr. blah blah blah. They went into a bunch of crap stuff with him and still no answers. So now they are asking him to have my daughter's specialist fax a letter to them saying that my daughter is a patient there! I myself am uncomfortable doing this. To me it is too personal of a matter and besides my daughter isn't the employee there. They are claiming job abandonment (sort of) and they won't give him any answers. If they do end up firing him because of "job abandonment" or any other reason they come up with. Can they do that? Would he be able to get unemployment? Thank you and sorry it is so long.


Yes, they can do that. They are providing him an opportunity to prove he did in fact have good cause to leave work without notification per .. I suppose their procedures.

Since I have no way of seeing what your husband did provide I can't judge whether it should be considered good enough. I think that your daughter's doctor could provide a statement to that effect .. if asked.

They are asking your husband to provide proof that he actually left work for the circumstances he said he did. It shouldn't be hard to prove this. They are not asking for your daughters medical records .. just verification that he left due to a medical emergency and went to the hospital.

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Jun 06, 2016
mr curious
by: Anonymous

If someone leaves their job due to a schedule misunderstanding, does the job have the right to terminate this person.

Jun 06, 2016
Not very curious as to how unemployment might work though .. are you?
by: Chris

The right to terminate an employee for a good, bad, or no reason at all is the right of an employer because employment in the U.S. is employment at will.

Then again an at-will employee can quit a job for a good, bad, or no reason at all too.

But, it's typically when an employee files an unemployment claim after abandoning a job.. that most finally learn that to collect unemployment benefits .. it's better to give a hoot about how unemployment laws create exceptions to the no rules arena of at-will employment .. among other employment laws that force legal compliance on an employer regarding the rights of at-will employees.

Interesting and revealing choice of all the unemployment questions about quitting a job, to place your comment about a scheduling"misunderstanding .. if it was the first incident of a schedule misunderstanding.

I would assume you are the employee in this situation .. given the use of the word misunderstanding.

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