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Able and Available

I'm a Loan Officer and Unemployment denied me benefits, because I was only willing to work on a part time basis, which is not true. The interviewer cut me off and would not let me explain that as loan officer, we can work 20-40hrs/week or more. EDD denied per Section 1253C of UI, that I was not able to work and available for work. It seems illogical that they are denying me benefits for part time work. I'm writing an appeal that; yes, I can work more than 20 hrs. to see what happens.

Good for you .. but make sure you check the CA benefit determination guide .. so YOU understand California's requirements for being "able and available. I have links to it all over the place, but it can always be found here toward the bottom of the page.

You know what .. I hear that all the time about the adjudicators .. or interviewers or whatever a state calls them.

I'm told they are rude, they don't listen and they cut people off .. or lead them in a direction that doesn't allow them to tell what happened.

I do understand why sometimes .. they might just have to cut someone off because often, claimants don't understand what information determines the benefits .. which is in fact, part of the problem .. but rude .. I don't think so ..

I was overworked like a lot of people still employed are .. but that alone is certainly not an excuse for being rude .. but then I don't think a claimant or an employer or anyone acting as his agent has an excuse to be rude to state personnel either.

Most people that are upset .. can be calmed with a friendly tone and an ear that listens well .. at least in my experience they can.

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Feb 22, 2011
Same thing happened to me...
by: Anonymous

One of the reasons I was denied benefits was also able and available, but the woman who did my telephone interview kept cutting me off. If she would have let me explain I would have never been denied (or maybe I still would since I hear Califorina has been doing that a lot lately). After a 30 minute interview, which at the end I was begging her to let me explain further, she snapped and said that I was not listening and that she had all the information she needed. I was almost in tears.

I'm also appealing and finally after 3 months without benefits I have a court date in a week.

I don't know if there is a way to file a complaint against a telephone interviewer or if it even makes a difference after you have been denied benefits. If you find out please repost it on here.


Here's couple suggestions links.
Mail your complaint or ..

You might call and ask to speak to a supervisor.

If it were me .. I do them both .. because everyone should know what I think about talking .. without backing up the talk with documentation by now.

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