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About to be fired for receiving a ticket


Hello I am a over the road truck driver and received a ticket which is cause for termination from the company I work for.

I live in Georgia and was wondering if I would be able to collect unemployment till I can find another job that will accept the ticket that I received.


Forgive me .. your question is trying my patience because it should be clear to you that what the ticket was for is important, given the fact you drive professionally, for a living.

You possess a special license and that's why you have the job you have. It requires a "special" license and not only are you subject to certain DOT regs because you're over the road .. so is your employer.

Your profession alone, should make you aware you may be held to a higher standard of driving safety .. than let's say .. a pizza delivery driver who got a speeding ticket to get my pizza to me hot .. because that's what his employer expects of him.

Why wouldn't you think what the ticket was for might also be relevant, not only for me to answer a free question about collecting benefits, but to the ones who have the authority to decide whether you do, or not?it relevant to me .. since you're asking the same old tire question and then not providing any details which might allow me to answer with something useful about merits for benefits, or an argument the ticket may not be for something considered to be part of the definition of misconduct

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