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absences from illness

by Sammie

I have not been fired yet, but I think that I definatly will be if I call in one more time. I work for a cleaning company, part time tuesday through friday, about 20/24hrs per week. I have epilepsy and have called in more than a few times about it. The company knew about my epilepsy when they hired me. I have probably called in about six or seven times since January. If i feel like i am going to have a seizure, it is best to rest and not be up doing things (especially physical activity), according to the nurses. My boss has never asked me to provide him a doctors note, even though i am sure i could get one. I hate having epilepsy, every seizure is terrible, and i would hate to be in someone elses home when i have one. I want to be as safe and healthy as possible. The last time that I called in, well I didn't actually call in, I cleaned two houses with my boss, and went home after that, with one house remaining to clean. Not so bad, but he told me that this is my warning, he didn't have me sign anything and i'm just wondering if, when or if i do call in sick one more time, will this be considered misconduct, and i wont be able to collect? If i can get dates of all the times that i went to the doctors for my epilepsy would that help, if i did get fired? Also, a client of the companies accused "the company" (the boss thought it was me) of steeling pills from her home. I didnt take anything, my work outfit doesnt even have pockets, and the bottle for the pills was left at the home!!! He called me and interrogated me trying to get me to say that i took them when i didn't. It pretty much fell through but made me very very uncomfortable, and i didn't even get an apology. Let me know what you think! Thanks

Hi Sammie,

I suggest that the next time you have to call in sick, that you have a doctor note .. just to be safe, but generally if an employer fires someone for absences and the absent was due to illness or something beyond the claimant's control .. the employer will lose. The doctor note or the fact that you have a disability which the employer is aware of kinda clinches it.

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A couple more things...
by: Sammie

What if i dont have a doctors note?....what if i didnt even go to the doctor, but called a nurse instead?, I would ask her to note it, then should i give my boss the name of the nurse and number to the office?


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