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absent and tardy due to back problems

by Brad
(Riverview fl usa)

I was transfered to Sarasota from Tampa prematurly before I was able to move due to my employer fireing a warehouseman as well as another sales associate. Leaving me to commute an average of 115 miles a day as well as an extra 120.00$ in fuel costs a week. I explained my situation to the owner of the company letting him know it was hurting me financialy as well as personaly. I was told by the new manager that I was under in sarasota that if he could get me a raise to cover the gas would that work? I thought about it and when I spoke with the owner and he asked if I would rather go back to Tampa or stay in Sarasota and given mileage .49 cents instead of a raise. I told him I would like to go back to my old position. and was told that he was hiring someone to fill the spot. Throughout my employment I have dealt with serious back pain and made my supervisors aware that I was only able to lift small boxes nothing very heavy per dr. instructions and never was a problem until , six months had passed and I was really financially struggling now. I spoke with the owner of the company and asked for mileage until they were able to find a suitable replacement , I was told that it was not a standing offer. Soon after I was being written up for tardiness and absences. The first write up was inaccurate it had days that I requested off also personnal days. I told him that it was not true and I was not signing it. Not to mention it was from six months ago if a problem was apparent I was not notified of it. A few more weeks passed and now have been written up for the same sort of things. I was written up for no show when I called and explained car trouble I wouldn't

be in he wanted me to drive my uninsured truck that I am selling in, and I told him I was not going to do that.I also was tardy due to my health and my bathroom time was included on the second write up as well as an appointment that they were notified of I was gone for about an hour and fifteen minutes. On the write up it stated that I said I was going to my appointment and never came back for the rest of the day.

The funny thing is that out of the four people working at this place I was the only one required to clock in/out for lunch and other the assistant manager as well as manager and truck driver do not they leave for extended periods without clocking out. I spoke with h.r. she said tell the owner he will not answer my calls.
I see the writing on the wall I am being let go. Are my chances of getting benefits, if need be in jeopardy? I Know I will Have to fight it and prove my case,
Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
When I asked about the situation

Brad, this is not a free type of question .. you are asking me to discuss your individual ability to collect unemployment and I do not do that for free because it requires way to much time and way to many questions to fill in all the gaps for any input to be of value.

I realize I used to do this a lot, but I just don't have enough time in the day anymore to do what I used to do when I only received two or three hundred visitors a day.

And by the way .. I removed your last name because you still have a job and it is not a good idea to have your full name attached to information that can be viewed publicly .. by employers.

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