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activity based compensation

by ash

Basically, at my work you get paid per call, it's slowing down so much that my job if offering Voluntary time off everyday and if you don't take it it can really hurt your pay. my commute is thirty minutes one way. They have two more classes that they are hiring as well, and once they come out to the floor I will get even less calls. I cannot afford to go drive to work with it being so slow. Help!!

Hi Ash,

Please, don't take this wrong, but help you what?

Quit a job with good cause?

I don't even begin to have enough information here to make an educated guess if you can.

But I'll tell you what I would do .. I'd either call the PA UI department and ask the question ..

How much of a reduction of hours and or pay is good cause to quit. If I only get paid per call and I'm not getting any calls anymore and now the employer is hiring more people to take the non-existent calls.

Do you have some unemployment decisions you might suggest that could answer this question for me?

The Unified Judicial Sytem of Pennsylvania Whoo-hoo!! Just kiddin, it doesn't impress me, but it's better than nothing.

It sounds like a situation where changes in the work and the pay or the structure of the pay .. may provide the good cause .. but like I keep saying .. it's in the details.

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