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admitting that i have had previous personal drug use but dont anymore

by Ric
(Logan, Utah, Cache)

i told my GM that i had been using drugs for the previous couple of months but i am clean now and do not use anymore. he took the liberty to look for any programs that the company offered for rehabilitation help and the Area director forced him to fire me for violating the anti-drug use policy


Check Utah's unemployment statutesUtah's unemployment statutes.

It's state specific as to whether these would be disqualifying for unemployment benefits.

Misconduct must be connected with the work and some states go as far to have very detailed statutes about drug testing policies to prove that drug use was the misconduct .. I question a decision to fire someone for just a conversation .. without proof of anything, but the conversation.

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by: ric

Thanks for responding i am having troubles finding any information on this matter so anything helps. thanks again.


Utah use to have some form of precedent manual, but I couldn't find it when I looked for it again ..

You might try researching for "unemployment decisions" at

They allow a free trial for 24 hours.

If you would like my "non-legal" advice I am available for a phone call to explain the difference I see in your case between sustainable on the job, misconduct and a discharge without good cause connected to the work.

Or you can ask a lawyer

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