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Advised of layoffs - then terminated.

by Olivia L.
(Mobile, AL)

I was issued a raise after my evaluation in December for a company I have been with over a year, letting me know that I was doing well.

In early January we were told in a meeting that we were losing a 1/2 million dollar account in March and there would have to be layoffs. I was due to take maternity leave in May.

Without verbal warning or write up, I was terminated without the chance to defend myself, for something that I was not guilty of.

I feel that I was laid off first due to my upcoming maternity leave. Can I still collect my unemployment? And what do I do if they deny it?

I do not want to jeopardize my fellow employees by asking them to testify if I appeal.But with the slow economy, it will be difficult to find employment for an obviously pregnant woman. Thank you.

Hi Olivia,

You were not laid off. You were fired and when you file that is what you need to tell the state.

They will ask for the details of the incident that caused the termination.

If it turns out that you have to appeal or go to a hearing, you should do what you have to do. If you have former co-workers willing to testify on your behalf, for goodness sake use them.

If an employer retaliates against them in anyway, the employer has more than likely cleared the way for them to receive unemployment.

Alabama statute:

Section 25-1-28
Unlawful employment practices - Opposition to employer.

It is an unlawful employment practice for an employer, labor organization, employment agency, or joint labor-management committee to discriminate against an individual because that individual has opposed any practice which is an unlawful employment practice under this article, or because that individual has made a charge, testified, assisted, or participated in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing under this article

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