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Air Force Honorable Discharge and unemployment benefits

by Cassandra

Unemployment Benefits for an honorable discharge from the Air Force?

What is the eligibility to collect unemployment? My husband has been in the Air Force for over a year, was supposed to stay in 6 years but they are giving him an honorable discharge for inability to adapt. Civilian or Military unemployment eligibility? What is the requirements?


If he would be filing for benefits in California, then the monetary eligibility and the continuing eligibility requirements are controlled by California's unemployment rules.

But the merit determination is controlled by UCX guidelines .. I use to have those bookmarked until my computer crashed .. sorry I wasn't able to find them to post here and now.

If I'm not mistaken, every state has at least one person specially trained in UCX is unemployment for ex-service members

I do know the discharge must be honorable to collect benefits.

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