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Alj ruled in favor on my claim in Az, but I'm being shorted benefits anyway

by P.K.
(Arizona Unemployment Benefits)

Due to a demotion from higher paying position, I was forced to give up my job to move to a different state.

I won 5 appeals. The ALJ (judge) specifically stated I would receive my entire benefits.

I called the AZUI benefits line and she was pretty rude when arguing with me and saying she looked into it and I only get 387.00...

My claim was for over 2000.00 dollars in benefits.

I called back to the appeals line and they just keep passing me back and forth...what can I do now?

Chris's Answer

Great .. care to tell me what issue(s) the AZ UI ALJ ruled in your favor on?

If you hadn't told me you'd won five appeal hearings, I'd tell you that if it was me trying to resolve this sort of problem, I would of just insisted on faxing the favorable hearing decision allowing benefits .. to the rude woman at the state as proof I was entitled to all those benefits.

But that you said there was five appeal hearings and you won them all (and I know this could take a good amount of time for a state to docket and hear five appeals .. or continuances) it could actually be part of the cause for the State of Arizona insistent on arguing with why you were only entitled to 387 dollars in benefits in a state where the max weekly benefit amount is only $240 per week.

I am therefore, compelled to ask a few starter questions about things I know are basic
to an entitlement to unemployment backpay .. after winning an appeal.

When did you initially file for benefits? .. A time frame for a claim is always good to get started.

Any chance you found subsequent employment in NH and that is what caused you to stop filing for weekly AZ benefits .. while waiting for those five appeal hearings to finally win?

A benefit year for any claim filed always has a start date and expiration date (BYB and BYE) also relative to the claim's base period. (A BP is the time period your wages are looked at to come up with the weekly amount, duration and total amount of benefits one is qualified to receive, if found otherwise non-monetarily eligible).

But new, or additional claims, may still pull in leftover claim balances if some wages fall within both the old and new base period. Once a state's monetary formula is applied and other factors are considered, 2,000 may in fact be reduced to 387 dollars.

As for one "other factor", did you file weekly, or biweekly for those AZ benefits, as well as timely, while you may, or may not of been unemployed in NH? (Got to file a claim for weekly benefits .. even while unemployed to get backpaid benefits, or those benefits missed go to the end of the line which may fall outside the BYE date of a claim).

Unemployment questions .. often raise more questions that I just can't answer .. because I'm missing relevant information to locate what the problem might be.

Chris -

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