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All unemployment used up before my classes begin

by Jen

Hi there,

I live in the state of florida. I was told that its possible to continue to collect unemployment if you are enrolled in school. Im currently enrolled in a community college for summer,(as that was the soonest i could enroll for) my problem is the classes do not start until AFTER my very last unemployment claim date. (My last claim is due on May 3rd, classes dont start until the 11th) Ive used up all my tiers so this would literally be my last check.
I was wondering if anyone out there knew if you had to be literally taking classes right then and there before your unemployment was up to be considered or if the fact that im registered for the classes would be enough to continue my unemployment benefits.
Thanks for whatever help you can give me

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May 17, 2010
same situation
by: Anonymous

I am in the same situation you are. I am in Florida and my benefits expire the first week of July 2010 and I am enrolling in school starting in August. I have tried to contact the unemployment office to get answers and they directed me to the local One Stop center to see if I am elgible to get any benefits through them for school. If I am, them I need to contact Unemployment again and tell them. They would then reveiw my case (ajudication) and tell me if I can still get unemployment while in school. I wish you luck!!

Jun 04, 2010
I'm in the same boat.
by: Anonymous

I was trying to rush everything and jump into classes in June, but I have been studying my ass off and knew if I started a few weeks from now, I would have all kinds of prerequisites. So I called the unemployment office and finally got someone that sounding like she knew what she was doing. And she told me that as long as I'm registered with the school I could begin the process otherwise my benefits would run out a few weeks before the physical classes start in August. I cannot believe that there is not a number to call the adjudication office and get clear and concise answers to this. My Wia case manager is clueless about half of this. The other huge joke is, that no one in this whole mess seems to care that it takes 4 to 6 weeks once you start your audit process with adjudication office and you are already starting school and they trun around and reject you. Are you F#R$#$ kidding me. WTF.

Jun 04, 2010
Me again
by: Anonymous

One other thing. I'm shocked that you may be accepted for continuing your U.C. benefits after they have stopped. If they do reestablish your benefits again, I'll be really amazed. Not being a jerk just can't see them doing that. But I really hope they do for you. And please let us know. I searched for hours and could find nothing on the whole web about this issue. How can the adjudication office get away with this not being clear and concise. When we are putting so much out of the line.

Jun 05, 2010
Follow up from above post
by: Anonymous

I did get ahold of the One Stop Center and they told me that I am possibly elgible to get some monetary help from them(I have to apply first)but that does not extend my unemployment benefits. When they run out,I am not elgible for more unless good old Obama makes another extension.

Aug 26, 2010
Florida UC Benefits & School
by: Anonymous

I've been collecting benefits on and off since 2007 until I hit the 99 weeks. I have been in school since 9/08 and UC told me different things at different tier extensions. FL Unemployment workers were/are confused everytime I had to call. As of 7/10 the have sent me a letter stating I owed $4900 for over payment! What a joke! I fired off a letter disputing their claim that day and mailed it certified return receipt. They claim its for the conflict of "able and willing to work" clause and claimed it dated back to 2007 (before I was even enrolled in school.)Since I had at some tier levels the job search waived I feel it shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps they are just aligning themselves for a tier 5 extension and a way to recoup some money by stealing my just and deserved benefits? To make matters worse I live in the northwest and they love to call me 1st thing in the morning there when it's 5:30 here and demand I get out of bed to give them information! How rude! I'm 50 years old and worked a few decades and never collected once on any UC benefits or govt. assistance. UC isn't govt. assistance it's insurance! I call everyday only to hear the message they are too busy try again later. I am sick and tired of their mess and hope they get their act together soon. They are an embarassment to the state of FL. I did at one point have to contact the governors office and the help I received was from someone that knew what was going on. She (I don't remember her name) was polite, honest and helpful. Even got me all the retroactive UC benefits I had been waiting on for months. I was planning to return to FL but if they continue the games I'll be sure to find a residence some place else. Good luck all and don't let them pull their BS on you.

Nov 24, 2010
layoff coming up in Jan
by: Anonymous

I am going to be laid off in Jan. The major fortune 500 company I work for has unseated our manager of 17 years, split the department, and is going to "reorganize" in Jan. The nature of the job it's self will change and I'm on the hit list. I'm in my 50's and have already been through self reinvention several times in my life. My concern is how to prep for collecting unemployment, and return to college to pursue another line of work. What should I be doing now to prepare?


By exploring the programs your state employment office offers now.

I would send you their official website, but I don't know what state you live in.

Out of curiosity, do you actually want to reinvent yourself again or just upgrade the appliances ...

Nov 25, 2010
upcoming layoff
by: Anonymous

Upcoming layoff in Jan here.
I live in Florida, and actually had previously worked ( and was credentialed ) as a substance abuse counselor in NY. So, I've adapted to changes when needed in the past. My current job and I have been together for 3 years, in of all things Sales. It's not my strong suit apparently, and neither is the customer service regimentation about to be imposed on the department. So, looks like it's time to think outside of the box.

This is just my opinion U.L., but right now, with the way the job market is .. out of the box is one of the few place left to think about.


Nov 30, 2010
my upcoming Jan layoff
by: Anonymous

Well, the drum is beating louder. Since the company "demoted" our manager in October, and today they "demoted " our "team lead/supervisor" who's been with this stinking co for 37 years. Next week the new supervisor rolls in and we will have our desks assembled in a circle around her...NOT KIDDING. Looks like they are trying to force us to quit. At this point the January layoff is starting to look like a mercy killing.

I hate to be a downer, but I saw this over and over and over again. Announce a layoff then start doing things to try to force a quit and if that doesn't work, the hatchet person (new manager) is brought in to try to to find reasons to fire as many as possible before the dreaded day.

I've got to say the circling of desks is not something I'm familiar with.

Tell everyone to watch their p's and q's and counter document any employer discipline actions with a rebuttal explaining why it's unfair or trivial .. such as due to "inadvertent mistakes" or a S.O.P. that used to be fine, but is now not.

And be nice to each other and cooperate if you would be a good witness for a co-worker at an unemployment hearing.

I wish you luck making it through.

Nov 30, 2010
upcoming layoff
by: Anonymous

Jan Layoff again,
Thank you for your comments, Just want to mention that I've printed my annual reviews from my ( wonderful EX Manager) boss, which were always excellent. I've also obtained a copy of my job description from him, right after they announced that he was being ousted. One of the fun things the company is planning is to rotate pagers so that the sales staff will be doing double duty as customer service reps,which means a rotation of being "on call". NOT in my job description. Assigned bathroom breaks is another offensive 53 I will not be told when to go to the bathroom. Anyway, I've also made a point of printing all communications regarding the reorganization, don't know if I'll need them, but they might come in handy.

My motto .. out document.

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