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alleged work inaccuracy

by dan dunlap
(tamarac fl)

I believe I'm taking the fall for a mistake.

I'm a pharmacy tech and signed off on a product I dispensed. After I finish the batch it hangs around a few days before going to blending
before mixing all the ingredients together. Each product is checked for weight then signed off by the blending tech then checked again.

The lab test came back 0% of 1 product and double another, now the company has a recall.
If its all my fault then why did 2 other employees sign off that the products were there and their weight correct?

Hi Dan,

I don't know. How do you explain it? If I were helping your employer, I'd need to know the process and I'd want to know how they can pinpoint the blame on you. Can they do that? You tell me (or the state) what the flaw is in the employer's ability to prove it was you.

And by the way, a one time inadvertent error is not misconduct. Have you previously been written up for similar occurrences? The employer needs to prove that your actions were careless and or negligent. Can they do that?

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