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"allegedly " causing my employer to lose business?

by jessica

Hello my name is Jessica, I worked at a veterinary hospital as a dog groomer for 6 months with over 200 grooms. I never once called out sick, nor have I ever been tardy. In fact, I am known to be the team player and help out as many times as I can when needed and even when not needed. I also tended to my employers baby daughter, which consisted of babysitting during working hours, which was out of my job description. I had left a knot on a dog while grooming it one day, the owner of the dog did not like that, so it was told to my boss which came in the next day and fired me. She replied that I was making her lose business, even after she spent money on her personal business cards with my name on them! She never said anything about my performance before then, in fact, all my clients loved my work and remarked to it as so. She fires me with no notice, so that I can neither correct it, or find another job. I was never written up, nor had I had any verbal warnings, nothing at all, I never signed any disciplinary papers, NOTHING, and then I am fired the next day.

When someone ever complained of the work Ive done, my boss called the patient in front of me and replied that it was their (the owner of the pets) fault due to their neglect and it had to be done that way. She never took into consideration my perspective on this ONE incident that resulted in my discharge. I am trying to file for unemployment benefits but I believe they are refusing. Do I have a case to appeal if this is so? Please help me out I am financially in need of feedback! Thank YOU

Hi Jessica,

Yes, I think you absolutely have a case for benefits if you are denied.

Given that you had never been written up the employer would have a hard time showing a "pattern" of carelessness that was damaging to the business.

One knot is an inadvertent error .. three or four documented cases might be misconduct.

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