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by Alicia
(Lawton, OK USA)

I was pulled in the office and my boss told me that he had to let me go because I work at a daycare and he claimed that the parents were complaining about me saying that I was using bad language in front of the child and if I was, which i was not, he never gave me a warning and i never got a written up for this and i had gotten a raise prior to the alligation. I was never aware of this and he told me that he would not black ball me as a matter of fact he told me that he would put in a good word in for me if I used him for a reference.

Hi Alicia,

What do you do when you're fired due to "customer coomplaints"? You tell the truth and focus upon the fact that you didn't do what you were accused of doing .. that the employer fired you not for proven misconduct, but by taking the word of the complainer. You might add weight to this by telling the state that the employer said they would give you a good reference.

Unless the employer bothered to get the complaint in writing or can provide the parent as a witness .. this would be tough for the employer to sustain the burden because it will come down to credibility .. or who they believe.

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