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Always Being Accused

by Lisa

When you are a home provider and client and telling lie to their family that you are hurting and you know for yourself that you are not doing what they you are doing. Just always of accused of doing something to them...ALWAYS Being Accused

Hi Lisa,

I'd say you lack the empathy or skills required to be a home provider .. to someone in need of this kind of assistance.

I know .. because I do this for an aging parent with a lot of health issues .. and I also know it would take a very special person to care for them .. because she is absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, one of the crankiest people on the face of the earth.

And I understand why. Loss of dignity makes people unhappy.

Lighten up and try to find the compassion within yourself for the person you are caring for so you can speak to the family with the same compassion.

I've assumed they believe the accusations being made by the person you are caring for?????

Here's another suggestion for the sake of your job. Document what occurs everyday.

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