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Am I able to collect, if I voluntarily take a company buy-out, then get a temporary or seasonal job elsewhere?

by Clair

I live in PA, worked for a company for 19 yrs, that has changed drastically for the worse, there is now a surplus, being a union job, the company will offer a buy-out (eisp), more or less a option to voluntarily retire/quit with an offer of eisp (Enhanced Income Security Plan), ie 1,100.00 (or more)times the years of service, possibly an offer added to add years to an employees service. I understand that one cannot collect UC, when retiring or quitting (in most cases) from a job, however, if I were to get a temporary or seasonal job, making 11.00 p/hr or so, immediately or soon after, making enough money, during that time to be eligible for UC benefits (I may be wrong, but I believe, because I make over 29.00 p/hr, I'd have to make a percentage of something like 595.00 times a certain amount of weeks, I figured approx. 3,900.00?.... I am sorry, that may be totally wrong figures, but that is part of my question as well)I was told, that they would go back like 18 mos, therefore, collecting off the income rate I was making while still employed at the company I will be leaving. To put it simply, my questions are: "Would I be eligible to collect, knowing, I am taking a seasonal or temp job, once that job ends?"

And if yes, "What is the amount of money, I need to earn, in the temp/seasonal job, to be qualified?"

Hi Clair,

I just don't think I have enough information to give you a full answer because I see way to many potential variables.

The voluntary quit disqualification in PA is to return to work and earn 6 times the weekly benefit amount established when you file. When you file is relevant because of the qualifying formula and the base period .. and whether that EISP is considered a wage and will have an effect.

PA's formula is a little different. You must have a minimum of $800 in 16 credit weeks and you must also have a minimum of 20 percent of your high quarter wages located outside of the high quarter somewhere else in the "base period".

Ideally, what you want in your base period is one quarter of wages from your current job because the high quarter establishes the WBA.

But here's my real concern .. you mentioned going back to work as a temp or in seasonal employment.

My concerns:

1. Seasonal workers may only be allowed to collect benefits during the "season". This varies from state to state, but it is a concern to consider and investigate.

2. PA has temporary worker provisions and temp agencies fight unemployment very aggressively.

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